Im a noobie!

Hello, how do i partion charge? Is it the thing that makes me able to do 2 rushes in a juggle?

Also, I dont understand whats unblockable in the combos you guys are posting. Remember, Im a noobie!

For charge partitioning just read this thread:

Unblockables are caused due to the opponent being hit from both sides at the same time. So the one in the corner is happening because the Knee drop is crossing them up (or ‘hitting their back’), and the aegis is hitting their front so they cannot block both things, and the real advantage here is that once they cannot block both things their guard breaks and urien can continue to punish after the aegis has finished hitting them.

ok, but do unblockables work on the dreamcast?

No, they don’t work on dremcast. On the dc and the second version of the arcade unblockables were fixed.

excuse my n00biness, I just started playing Urien, no guide seems to mention how to make the Aegis reflector go upwards?! someone please enlighten me :smiley:

(upwards) EX Aegis: qcf x 2 + PP

Another question, I pretty much got the mid air chariot rush juggle nailed, but I only can do it after opponent being hit by an air metallic sphere. Wats the easiest ground launcher?


so after the C.HP, do LK Chariot Rush, then EX Chariot Rush etc?