I'm a pad gief.

I’ve just got into street fighter during super and I play on a pad with my man gief. Though I have a few problems and would wonder if any other pad giefs out there would like to play with me and perhaps through some tips my way.

fkn ultra and specials are hard for me to do. and im still learning all this buffer nonsense. ><;;

Posts like this should go on the giefs gym thread not a new thread.

bp amoco is right, this should go into the Zangief subforum. However, if you’re having trouble with basic exectuion of special moves and super/ultra combos for a character, you may want to reconsider whether or not it is the right character for you to be playing. That, or just hit up the training mode until you can get your basic execution down.

Gief is one of the best characters to play on a pad. Just give it some time and you should get the hang of everything.

Sorry for posting in the wrong section. I’mm quite the nub. I will continue to practice and hopefully figure him out soon. Just getting quite a bit impatient.

Use analog stick instead.

Been playing with a MadCatz fight pad.

Use D-Pad. It has a tighter gate.

dbl pst.

To get 720s down practise comboing ultra after a focus attack.

Honestly all chars can be played on a pad, to an equal lvl of a stick player, you just need to practise a little more. I think the analogue stick is a better idea than the actual pad though, but that’s just my preference.

Before switching to stick I used analogue stick on the pad, buffering full circles was easier for me that way. That being said, my play has improved drastically with an arcade stick.

Yeah it is preference. I think Grapplers in general through all fighting games are just as easy to play on pad than stick. This being that they are very reactionary characters with low complexity on execution side. Learning how to rotate 360 is the most steep learning curve and thats pretty easy to get over. BnB combos are easier to tap out on stick but its not at all that hard to hit the buttons on a pad since your only motion in your combos is 623 for the Ghand.

I’d be impressed if someone posted and said I am a pad Viper or a pad Elf and they could actually do difficult ish.

I can do cr.LK 4 on pad, its not any different than hitting the buttons on a stick. I can do on both, its timing of hitting the same button over…not really complicated stuff. Cr.LK4 EX GH is an impractical combo and like you explained why in the same blurb. Almost any variation of Giefs BnB is better than cr.LKx4. Vance would have done just as fine with any of Giefs combos starting with a sho sho.

i played on stick for 15~ years switched to pad recently. if you use a non 360 pad the 360/720’s motions are incredibly easy you just need to practice using the sides of your thumb to kinda roll through it.

I play pad gief and love it. I do own a stick but honestly not my thing with gief.