I'm a pad player, having trouble with the new nerf to akuma?



Hi, i’m having trouble with akuma since the nerf they did in Ultra Street Fighter (C.Hk cannot be cancelled in ultra 1), that’s much significant, because akuma was my main and i felt at ease using it before. Canceling the Wrath of raging demon, in my point of view is much important, but, since now the only thing i can do is to change the R2 button into MK and the O into HK, i am confused, because I was used to link and do everything with the previous button configuration. That nerf ruined my playstyle…

Someone has some hint? how can i cancel c.MK to ultra 1 without changing my configuration? (i use the default configuration)

Thank you.






Honestly I’ve never even done the cr.mk U1 cancel.


Drop U1 and use dp as your anti air and work U2 into your game. Or you hold HK and press triple kick down, Cr MK comes out and practice it into Demon. I didn’t bother cuz again, U2 all day.


I personally have just started doing the raw input while crouched


Don’t you think that U1 is fundamental for some matchups?

With a controller?


Yes. I’ve used a controller since I first started in vanilla. Also u really should start trying to work u2 into u r play a little more


For controller its bit weird. you hit the cr.lp and cr.mk at the same time, then you hit back the 3 punch button and the LK button at the same time. The hardest part is getting use to hitting the LP and MK buttons at the same time.

I’m glad you are putting u2 in your game Volcanic. Yo Volcanic do you have a PSN? I really want to run an online training/set with you. Please get back to me if possible! T-T


U1 is fundamental but so many matches U2 trumps it. That the Cr MK tool is rarely used. Imo.


I’m not on PSN


How i can work on U2? I don’t know how to start, can i option select with a pad? D:


listen carefully. ANYTHING that can be done on stick, CAN be done on pad.

U2: FS.HP/CS.HP xx Teleport xx U2 is the combo. First you practice it, then you practice it again, then just because reasons you practice again, and then you practice it some more for good measure. Also, you should probably cancel into the KKK teleport. It just makes me feel more comfortable knowing I have to just hit the button, up, and then the button again. But just do whatever you’re comfortable with.

OS: that’s got absolutely nothing to do with using a pad or a stick. That has everything to do with your situational awareness.

For me, literally the only thing that stick has over pad is an easier way to do c.mk into U1. That’s it.


The only thing I can’t do on a pad are kara throws, but I don’t think it’s necessary because of his walk speed.


just use HP to kara throw


You can Kara Throw. All your restrictions are in your head.