I'm a pansy part 1


I recently bought my commuter’s parking permit for Uni over the net. But towards the end of the application process, it asked me for a “student account number” which I mistook for a student credit card number. Once it was complete, a “print page for records” sort of window comes up. And a warning message appears, stating that a student account number is really your student ID number. Wow, what pure genius thought it would be a good idea to inform the user AFTER the fact, when a mistake like that can easily be made?? (censored) you!

So then I had to contact the appropriate division by student email, and even though they said the problem has been fixed, and I don’t have to do anything, I have no way of confirming that or verifying if they even fully understood me. It makes me so pissed off not knowing whether or not that faulty permit I applied for will even arrive at all, or be usable if it does, given the details presented on my account. So much that I, literally, smack myself in the head repeatedly until I get dizzy. Why do stupid things like this always disrupt my peaceful train of thought?


What was the point of creating this thread? Your mistake isn’t fueled by enough stupid juice to be thread worthy IMO.


are you an incoming freshmen? if so then you being an idiot is excusable.


Hopefully they will tow your scooter.


cool story brah


I know exactly what you mean! I tried to login and register for classes using the wrong account number, so I called them and they told me that it takes 3 days to process! NEways I cursed the bitch out and she tried to give me lip back so I hung up the phone. It pisses me off ever so to talk to these idiots, it’s bad enough I have to walk in to classes every saturday, and talk to them when i go in and do an online part of the course.

This shit makes my head hurt so much. I need a cigarette.