I'm a top Mvsc player and I'm doing a video series showing the history of competition (2005-2014)

I’m a professional Marvel Vs Capcom 1 player from Kaillera/GGPO/Fightcade. I’ve played for 10+ years on and off. I’m doing an elaborate video series showing the absolute best players who ever played Mvsc, when they were at their peak, during the golden age of competition (2005-2014), with historical
context/background info. I was at the heart of it all as it happened. I have hundreds of hours worth of replay data that doesn’t exist anywhere else and have a deep understanding of the game. I know Mvsc 1 doesn’t get as much love as the newer games, but that shouldn’t disregard the intense competition and dedication we had for the game. People might remember the Magneto Maniac Vs Justin Wong offline money match in 2007 where Mag beat him 10-4. We took the game even further than that.

The series features Divine (myself), Sinister Cow, Vice Versa, Darkcloud, T-Kimura, Magneto Maniac, and Crescent Surfer. DC and TK were actually cheaters/laggers, which is also exposed in the series.

My Youtube Channel, where I’ve been uploading to almost daily:

The history of Marvel Vs Capcom competition playlist (2004-2014):

As of this writing, I’m on 2010 of the series. These vids are not monetized. The purpose is to simply show the best players when they were at their best. If anyone has any questions about the game itself feel free to ask.

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So many questions but ill watch the video first, thanks divine!

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Okay so like…whats the timeline of the game? Why did it die off after 2014? I used to lurk on ggpo alot and i remember talking with cow and he still had a lot of love for competing.

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I started in early 2005, but I reached out to Player X recently (who was already inactive when I started) and he believed he played the game online as far back as the late 90’s, but he couldn’t be sure. The main emulator people were using when I started was Mame 32k 0.64, which is dated to like 2001, and Kawas, another emulator, was used even before that. I’m pretty sure the game had been played online since at least 2000. There was a whole generation of players even before the ones described in my videos, but obviously we took the game to the next level, but the Kaillera portion of my videos show some of the top guys from 2004.

Mame/Kaillera had the 4player rom, so the top guys on Kaillera used to congregate together in 2005-2006, but 1v1’s were still common, just not as common as GGPO, which didn’t support the 4player rom. We all moved to GGPO in 2007 then to Fightcade in late 2014.

The game died off In 2015 because TK and Vice became mostly inactive. I was only active in the beginning of each of the years 2014/2015 and then became inactive completely for 18+ months. As for Cow, his skill actually declined in 2015. He’s not really the same player he was in 2009-2014. Once I get to that portion of the replay data people will see what I mean. DC has been the most consistent good player, never going inactive, and always playing at least a few times per month, but one good player can’t really keep a game alive. There are other good players, they’re just not at the level we were during the golden age.

I’ve actually been the most inconsistent player. I played the game the most between 2005-2009. There’s been several times where I was inactive for even years at a time, even during the golden age of the game.

Anyway, thanks for your question!