I'm about to buy a MAS stick. Decisions, decisions! Help!

Ok, first off, it’s the one at http://www.alphaelectronics.us

Let me tell you guys a bit about my history. I am used to playing on standard 8-way US sticks. The arcades I played at during most of my life had controls that looked identical to a MAS stick, which is why I felt the instant attraction to this baby in the first place. :lovin: I am used to medium resistance sticks, and CONCAVE buttons. I do not like convex buttons. I’m just old school like that. :wgrin: Oh yeah, I played all Street Fighter games, but my main games are CVS2, 3S, A3, and ST. I dunno if my game preference has anything to do with my decisions, but thought I’d throw that out there.

Ok, now on to the questions…

  1. Console compatability. I plan to get it for PS2 only (at this time), but in the futur, how realistic is it to MOD it for Dreamcast support also? I am not a total noob so if it’s not extremely difficult, would I have a good chance at adding additional console support without fucking something up?

  2. Stick. I am confuzzled when it comes to deciding between the HAPP Ultimate Joystick and the HAPP Competition Stick? What are the differences? I have read the site’s “Help me choose” section, but I still don’t quite understand.

  3. Pushbutton Style. From what I understand, the Competition Buttons are convex? What about the Ultimate Buttons? Remember, I want old school, concave US buttons.

  4. Is the company I’m buying from reputable? Anything negative or positive I should know about them?

Thanks in advance!

my experience with mas sticks lately are that they are extremely unreliable these days. my friends stick and mine keep breaking for random reasons.

I’ve seen some of the unreliable sticks firsthand, but I think that is due to the P360s?

Most arcades I’ve seen growing up had ultimate buttons and ultimate sticks, but I’d recommend you change the stick in your setup to competition, as to me it seems to be a bit higher in quality. Comp buttons are not concave, though.

  1. Just mod it for dreamcast right now. I don’t believe it’s any extra cost.
  2. 90% of people prefer the Competition Stick to the Ultimate Stick. I don’t really know the difference since I have a 360.
  3. Correct. Competition buttons are convex. Ultimate are concave.
    4). Alpha electronics is a fairly reliable.

Thanks for the response guys. So I’m probably going to end up getting Competition Stick and Ultimate Buttons.


About the Dreamcast mod, when I first looked at the site, I also believed that PS2 and DC mods are both free, cause you can put a check beside both of them, but then I clicked some more and realized you can click all the boxes, which doesn’t make sense. Can anyone confirm that PS2 and DC are both free “default” options? Or is it just a website glitch, and just ONE system is free?

Iirc the PCBs now lag…

…so basically you are getting a souped up x-arcade…?

I think it’s better to shell out a few more bucks and get a custom. Just my 2 cents.

I understand the custom love, but I just don’t have the energy for it. But I really do understand you guys. I make custom PC’s, and when I see people buying from manufacturers, it hurts my soul. But in this case, MAS > Dell. Haha. Thanks for the help, for real. I’m gonna order it right now. Peace.

If you have problems with input lag, just remember that people here can help you mod it.

Cool, thx. I do have one problem right now though lol. I’m trying to buy this damn thing, I click on checkout, and I get a screet with the heading “Payment Information”. All I see are two options: “Add New” and “Go to Main”. Neither are very helpful. What do I do?

Sorry, I can’t help you there. That site is blocked for me here at work.

Np. :wonder:

since when mas sticks lag ?? I’ve used many mas sticks before and never noticed any kind of lag or input delay :wtf:

I would say the company is reputable, but then again I run the website. :slight_smile:

Just so you know, I’ve sold no less than 100 joysticks to members of the SRK community, so one thing is definitely certain; You’ll definitely get what you order. If you’re interested in getting a stick, I’d be willing to extend last months special for you of $10 off your order. Just make sure you mention in the comment box when you order on the site that you are on the srk forums and I’ll take care of the rest.

Hey SoulHadou,

Did you get my email?

Hey, I want to buy one of your sticks, but I have been problems with the site. I even made a thread called To SoulHadou…the problem I’ve been having is that I’m from Toronto, Ontario, and there is no province to be found in your state menu, and it seems I just hit a dead end on the site when I want to check out. CAN I order if I’m from Canada?

Does no one remember seeing a pic of the inside of an MAS with a crappy little PCB? I definately remember some guy saying his MAS lagged.

mas stick pcbs are HELLA wack.

lots of times, it will randomly give the ps2 the ‘disconnect’ screen and then go to pause. it happened to ricky ortiz in the 16 man invitational on the 3s dvd against paul lee. watch it, thne you’ll see a frame of ‘controller disconnected’, then you’ll see ‘pause’.

i have 2 mas sticks, but I ALWAYS gut them, then put a 1st party sony controller in. besides, the sony controller has the best results with converters.