I'm about to throw the towel in on fighting games

I can never, ever win. I have 70 hours on sf4 and it’s just sickening how bad I can blow a 70% win ratio. I’ve invested time and money into fighting games and a custom stick and i really just can’t win no matter how many leads I get or how bad my opponent is, it just enrages me that for some fucking reason there’s some sort of wall holding me back from doing well. There are times where I have someone down to a few hits left and they somehow comeback and beat me regardless of my defense. I know you’re going to lose alot to learn more about the game, but this is ridiculous and I feel like I’m getting nowhere.

I’m at a crossroads on just giving up and selling my stick off because people that have more time on their hands just kill my interest in playing.

I guess the reason why I post this is I just hope someone out there has been down that road and it just makes me sick to not mention it.

I’m a long time lurker on the forums so don’t let my join date deceive you.

how much do you want for your stick?

really depends. it has well over $100 in material

ps3 or 360?

goddamn you beat me to it.

don’t get so beat up about it, some people just don’t have it

Get a notebook and write down the reason you lost every time you lose. Sometime when you’re not actually playing, try and write down a solution for every loss. If you can’t think of or don’t know of a solution, find one: this will involve creative thinking, experimentation, training mode, and/or asking questions in the appropriate places.


3 whole days, that’s a winning attitude right there.

Yo, what games you got?

Also how long have you been lurking? Why did you “lurk”?

maan just forget about SF4, play some ST!

shit, I’ve been losing for years

long time lurker because i used to come here just to glance at some tips for SFA and stick building.

Oh also, sorry to come off as judgemental and especially off of so little, but just based on the tone of your post and the fact that people apparently make frequent comebacks against you, I’m willing to bet they’re playing your nerves. It’s very easy to lose against technically inferior players if you get excited and they stay calm. The moment you lose your cool, 50% of your skill goes right out the window.

You need to get someone to help you. Your basics may be weak. Can’t actually tell based on that post.

i always thought it could be my nerves but i really dont get worked up until i actually lose. sometimes i make a major comeback myself but it’s only one round and i usually lose the final round.

Cool, cool.

Then probably what fallot posted. :tup:

(basically you’re either trying to do the wrong stuff, or trying to do the right stuff the wrong way)

If you feel like your gameplay is stagnant and everyone around you is either trash or doesnt want to help move to an area where the comp is strong/good. Otherwise all you can do is take the beating until you become the best in your area. watch vids ask people here for help and if that fails you can always go ST style

and beat the shit outta your neighbors car… go for broke son!

70 hours is nothing. Come back and talk to us when you have 200. Then you really suck.

First of all, fighting games take a lot of time to get even reasonably good at. Nobody said it would be easy to beat others…
Secondly what usually works for me is to switch character. It can be that you’re using a character which is just not beginner friendly and so you find yourself struggling to get even the basics down.

Try switching around with some characters and see if one of the characters just gives you a intuitive feel.

Last but not least… have fun, find some sameskilled friends online and just battle with them. You learn a ton and you have fun cause there is no pressure.

You need to read up on more strats, info and stuff; practice, practice and practice even more, or even watch some vids of players and see if you could adapt it to your game style. Giving it up so quickly just dampens your confidence even further and you could only keep winning if you put it in your priority that you’d have to get better.

Also, try not to be tense most of the time. Keep focused in the match you have at hand. I know it’s hard as hell, but trying to master it somewhat can help your game out big time.

If you’re not interested in the competitive aspect, then cool, just go casual with it and don’t take it too seriously.