Im absolute trash at MVC3


okay we all know the excuses “first time playing, normal controller, first day” blah blah
but i need some actual help at MVC3, im less than trash at it, i cant seem to ever catch anyone, i dont know the openings, ive killed my left thumb just trying to get my character to dash and do a move with only the correct feed back 25percent of the time
its my first day but i am a gamer in general, i shouldnt be THIS BAD, so whats wrong with me?


learn to dash using 2 buttons. i press A+B (xbox360) to dash when i play on the controller


also try practicing blocking and using advanced guard. these will go a long wayy if you continuously keep that in mind.


just spend more time playing. if this is the first time you’ve ever played a fighting game, it’ll take a good amount of time before you can actually truly understand the game. just try to learn as much as you can, and put in the hours. patience, young grasshopper lol


Marvel isn’t an easy game to learn. You can’t just start playing and have success. Gotta go in training mode and log those lab hours.


If today is the first day you played Marvel vs Capcom 3…you are going to be garbage from the jump.
Your opponents most likely already have a month’s worth of gaming on top of you.

I say do them mission modes and hit training modes.
Do a few runs of Arcade mode…then jump against other players.


quoting for emphasis.

You definitely want to use the two button for dashing (hell, you can assign one of the shoulder buttons to dash if you want to, who’s going to tell you you can’t?). Especially if you aren’t on stick.

learning where the openings are and learning where/how to get in is mostly going to require you to just play a lot and experience a lot of stuff. Though I’m not saying you should just mindlessly play 300 matches and lose every single one, try to analyze each match as you go and try to learn as much as you can from each match, win or lose.

Stuff like, Spiderman whiffs a launcher against you and you punish it. You should not only learn that Spiderman’s launcher is unsafe, but now you should also be wondering - are other character’s launchers unsafe? Are they still unsafe if they hit? What if the launcher hits your assist, are you still able to punish it?


I think this my main issue right now. I practice and then when I attempt a match, everything goes out the window and it turns into a spazzfest. I clearly have no grasp on the basic fundamentals of when/how to attack and defense.

I am completely worthless at this game right now but am just getting back into fighting games with this and SSFIV. I know it won’t be a quick process but at times it’s embarrassing. I lost a player match to a guy who simply spammed Taskmaster’s swinging move and a Hulk assist. It was frustrating but who can blame him? It was clearly working so why not keep doing it and win? It’s a fun game though and hopefully with time I can move up to simply “really sucking at it”. :rofl:


i get what you mean. it’s terrible when you can see what’s coming and you can’t do anything about it. when i first started, i hardly blocked… and when you’re playing against others that don’t block either, you tend to win those matches and think you’re progressing.

until you face that player who does everything well and understands the blocking aspect. one way i practice is playing arcade mode on the hardest difficulty and really focus on my blocking and advanced guard. has worked out for me and i’m better because of it!


Good call. I definitely need to practice blocking and use advancing guard more. I get caught in corners too easily after blocking the initial couple attacks only to eventually get caught because the other guy is still on me. I just played (and won for once) against a guy who I could see had the same issues. I cornered him with x-factored Zero and he was done. No attempts at advancing guard and I eventually got a couple shots in.

Also I’m not quick/smooth enough on my inputs when it comes to cancelling. This is obvious with the trouble I have completing some of the combo missions for characters. Practice practice practice.


I feel you man. I am new to the marvel vs series and I am just getting destroyed. This game moves so much faster than SSFT2HDR or SSF4. I just need to put my time in and keep playing. What’s really unfortuanate is that Capcom dropped the ball not having a spectator mode and a replay mode. It’s nice being able to pick up on things while you are playing the game as opposed to checking youtube all the time.

I guess between the shoryuken mvc3 guide and the brady guide I will eventually get where I need to be.