I'm Almost Done

Hi everyone,

There’s been a lot of changes in my life over the last year and while I’d like to give some big post about “oh I don’t care anymore” or “I don’t play as much” that isn’t really the case. It’s really time to put the phase of my life behind me. I’ll be turning 27 years old in six weeks and figure I’m due to really get out of the scene. I’m basically giving the players in this scene a heads up. I am entering exactly two more tournaments:

  • EVO East

  • T8

I won’t be entering the next session of RanBats or any further RanBats. The calandar has already been setup for everyone so you don’t have to worry about the dates. If you see fit to change the dates, please feel free to do so.

I am no longer attending EVO North. It’s two months notice so that should give people that were initially planning on going with me the necessary time to plan the trip themselves.

If there is a Team Canada Qualifiers, I would hope the higher ups in the community can settle their issues themselves.

To the other directors, please plan without me for any GTASF events from this date forward. I will have no further input on the RanBats or Monthlies. I’m sure everyone has enough experience at this point that they either don’t need or flat out don’t want my help anyway.

But I love you guy!

You’ll be back.

We need to figure out some kind of prop bet to show you how wrong you are.

i’ll see you at evo east

let the joint shit talking commence

We gotta team up with Bryheem too. It’ll be horrible if all 3 of us talked shit on someone.

You will still be shit talking right? I remember you at MAT. EASY CAKE, WE’RE GOING TO THE BAKERY. Something like that, i was fucking laughing non stop. So much emphasis in your voice too…I love it

At least keep that up.

The Voice never quits. You already tried this once.

ya right.

curt will never leave the scene.

Justin, I am older than u, and I know u have a life and job and all that stuff, but to me, the day you stop playing, its the day you’re too old for life.

Hey justin, street fighter 4 is out

Last year, I said I was giving it up completely and retiring.

Let’s face it though, I’m too stupid to retire…and so are you. If anything, you’re even stupider.

That’s a compliment…I think. :confused:

Kinda figures too, I’m not likely to go to EVO East but was kind of thinking about Evo North…it just never works out for me. :rolleyes::lol:


nooooooooo. You’re the greatest commentator in SF history!

You talk as if there’s an age limit to Street Fighter, or to gaming in general.

From what I’ve read in the past year though you’ve done more than your share for the fighting game community. It’s unfortunate to see you go.
Best of luck in what you decide to dedicate yourself to :tup:

nobody quits sf

Hmmm, maybe he just wants to focus more time on other goals :wink: It’s possible he sees it as time running out, and wants to focus his energy of shit he wants to get done… correct me if i’m wrong Justin :looney: Unless you are stopping to play because you’re ‘too old’… then that my friend, is a :lame: reason.

Good luck in what you wanna do. It’ll be a hard transition for you to just get up and leave the scene, but I’m sure that you’ve thought this through thoroughly.

All good things do come to an end.

talk pas shit nagata … you can’t completely retire or dissapear from the scene 100% maybe 99% but I don’t believe in 100% …

you can play rarely or show up once a year at random tourneys but I don’t think its possible to completely just go cold turkey and drop out of SF. Even after I “stop playing” i still find myself entering random tourneys or playing casuals after multiple month breaks at a time.

With that said, wish you the best of luck in your endeavours but no one can really retire completely as long as people play the game. MTL John/blackestheart, was suppose to have retired but he came to MAT and comes like once a year to play casuals lol, its in the blood.

Best of luck to you in your plans post SF if i don’t see or talk to you at T8 and if you manage to somehow successfully leave the scene entirely, enjoy life and the many hot women in it (and when I say hot women, i mean you have to move to MTL or SoCal) :cool:

can i have your ps2 collection?