I'm an idiot..how do i get sanwa's in?

I just got some replacement sanwa buttons…trying to put them in my hori ex2 (which has already been modded).

I popped out the hori buttons, but I can’t seem to get the OBSF30’s in (snap ins). I should be placing the buttons in from the panel side of the stick right? I press in the thing on the side of the button and it goes in about 80% of the way…but I can’t get it to budge anymore.

what am i doing wrong?

your ex2 already had sanwas? you might have to make the holes a little bigger to fit them in. or maybe youre not pushing hard enough.

no…it had hori buttons with sanwa switches on them.

shoot…I’m pressing really hard and they wont’ go in. I just put the hori button back in and it went in so easily.

How would i widen the holes?

Use a Dremel with a cutting disc for widening the holes and you should be fine.

or a sanding drum. but yeah, just make the holes a bit larger. you probably only need 1-2mm… which isn’t that much material to remove. just work your way around the perimeter a time or two and voila - the buttons should snap right in.

File the tabs down with the drum sanding attachment on the dremel. After they’re filed down do two complete circular passes with the drum sander and the buttons will fit.

the fact you could get em 80% in with the tabs in the panel’s holes is actually mind boggling =/

The tabs are already filed off. Just use a liiiiiittle bit of extra force. It’s a very tight fit, but sanwa snap ins will fit into the panel without further modding. The reason why that last 20% isn’t going through is because there are small little nibs under the rim of the bezels that are making it a tad bit harder than the majority of the button to get in.

By shoving it hard, you basically shave off those tabs using the metal of the panel, but since you have art on top of your stick already, it’s probably a lot harder than normal. If you’re handy with an exacto/hobby knife or razor, you can shave off those mini nib-tabs so you don’t have to struggle too hard yourself when actually installing them.

Those nibs are meant to be sized down because they exist for the sole purpose of keeping a tight fit on panels that are a hair bigger than the body of the buttons so that it doesn’t jiggle.


I hope that clears things up and helps you with your installation.

That’s one reason I prefer the screw-in type rather than the snap-ins - no tabs! Plus they’re easier to remove if needed, but anyway…

I would make the hole bigger (use a sanding drum dremel bit) rather than trying to mutilate the buttons too much to fit the holes. Be careful though, you have to be pretty spot on with the hole size. If you make the holes too big, you might have trouble keeping the buttons in place. (ie, they’ll fall out :xeye:)

Yes you are,

In what way was it previously modded?

oh and ps: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=143234

It’s modded like this:




Other then the stick being mounted too low, thats a really nice mod…why ya changing it?

actually, rockcho added a few washers to it so the height of the stick is only 1mm off now. It feels fine to me.

The buttons that rockcho put on are hori’s…so I wanted to switch em out with sanwa’s. The stick feels great though…I’m digging the JLF but it’s the first Japanese stick I’ve really used…so it’s still tough to learn.

Ahh, I see, without seeing the holes, I’d simp0ly widen them a bit more with a dremel or shave the tabs off the sanwas with a blade. You could also go for screwins as well, they’re a bit easier to put in.

that’s a cool graphic. i’ve considered a similar ken scene - with ghosted poses from his super… however is it just me or is the shoryureppa frames in reverse order? i mean clearly the sequence is right to left… yet the dp frames are left to right. no?

still. quite nice.

Use butter or Vaseline. :smiley:

I got them in, sanded down those tabs on the sanwa buttons and they snapped in fine. Thanks for the help rockcho and everyone!