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sorry if this has already been posted before but wtf is with the power ups you get from taunting in 3rd strike? honestly thats one of dumbest things they could ever add to SF… i really hope they dont consider adding that kinda feature to SF4

Of all the things to complain about…

well its a good game theres not much to complain about but that is a stain on it from my point of view

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…thanks for contributing

There’s not really much to contribute other than that.

This is a waste of space, and the topic is ridiculous.

there are far more ridiculous threads lol but i admit theres not much to contribute. but theres gotta be some people that agree with that taunt powers ups are garbage

wow…this is new. Usually when complaint and 3rd stike are in the same sentence it ends up having to do with parry…but taunting?

I will complain that every fucking ken in the world taunts way too much.

most of the taunt powerups last for only one attack. What’s the problem?

I’m guessing he was playing XCOPY Twelve against some random Akuma, the opponent taunted once, and while he was transforming back into Twelve, he did a KKZ.

Hopefully, SF IV will add this feature so you can make another topic about SF IV having one.

i just dont like the idea of power ups in a fighting game the charecter should be as strong as they are gonna get right when you pick them(barring certin SAs or whatever they may be called) and not all the power ups are atk (which is another point if your gonna do power ups make them ALL the same) also the ones that only last for 1 move its the next move that LANDS so you can swing away and not lose your power up till you land somthing or its blocked/parried, Q’s can be done over and over and keeps adding defense. i mean it dosent BREAK the game or anything but i just think it was a bad idea to add that to a fighting game, especialy one thats played competitivly.
i mean imagine facing makoto she uses her taunts (which add atk like the majority do and reduces her stun meter) then she uses her 3rd SA and combos you for like 70% of your life. that dosent sound very balanced to me, even if you are good enough that you avoid atks after youve seen taunts go down it really feels unneccisary and stupid imo.

Yes, how did we ever survive with these broken taunts for 10 years?

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What is the point of this.

… its just my opinion on the matter ive seen threads that have less to do with a game and have less reasons behind it so i dont see why people are hating on this so much (unless there is already a thread where i should have posted this and if thats the case i applogize but i couldent find one) if you dont like my opinion im not forcing anyone to read it i posted it cause i thought maybe some people felt the same way i did. yes the game is 10 years old and i should have posted this thread the day after the game came out, but unfortunitly i did not have a computer then sorry

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