I'm ashamed to admit that I need help

Yes, it always hurts to know you are scrubby and need help. But I was wondering if any good people on here that use Kaillera could give me a helping hand by playing some games with me.

No fucking written messages will help me this time. I know combos, setups, matchups, and all kinds of other shits. That doesnt do shit, I still fucking blow. The only was I can truly get better is to play other people. So I’m looking for people to play. But I need people better than me and have knowledge of the game to knock me out of my bad habits. I can’t find any place in the Baltimore area to play some real 3s, so online is as close as I am going to get.

At least playing online will teach me to deal with pressure and gameplay tactics. So I dont let myself get frustrated so easily when I lose. I want actual skilled players as well, I dont want your fucking air fireballing gouki and HK hurricane kick spamming.

I’m not trying to be pro or anything, I just want to be at a certain skill level where I can enjoy the game.

so do you want/do not want to play this game offline? your last line is confusing. Maryland/Virginia has one of the most active communities on the east coast, some people go up and down the metro area all the time to play. i’m just letting you know online isn’t your only answer if you live in this area.

I want to play either way, it doesnt matter. But where could I play closest to me? I live in the owings mills area of baltimore (yeah its the damn county, but I still call it baltimore). Are there any communities closest to me?

Offline would be much preferred, but I dont think I can get some offline play due to the area where I am. Also if I played offline, it’d help me learn a stick. (no homo)

Go to the regional matchmaking forums and check out if there’s anyone playing near you.

If you’re playing online, stick with P2P if you want to keep your sanity and actually have fun.

Can u please telle me how you P2P for 3S?

@OP: You don’t have to be at a good level to enjoy the game, just on the approx. same level of who you’re playing against

Living in Baltimore and not coming to C3? For shame. Like Ramza said…come down and get some games in.

Spinning Beat, I agree that practice, time and experience are the only things that are going to improve your game noticeably. However, developing strategy outside of gameplay is pretty important as well. We can talk about it all day in theory, but if you just posted a youtube video of your skills and allowed the forum to critique it, then I’m sure you’d get some really helpful feedback that way as well.

And if you haven’t learned how to play on the stick, then I’d recommend making that one of your priorities. Playing on the stick vs. controller is like night and day. SOOO much easier once you get the feel for it.

Apparently you’ve never actually seen how those threads turn out.

You need to change your outlook if you get frustrated/angry with every loss. Yeah, losing sucks, but you should see it as an opportunity for growth. Getting really frustrated clouds your judgment. And only p2p. Playing with any lag is not worth it, and doesn’t improve anything.

how far away is germantown from owings mills?:wonder:

Can’t be more than 45 min.

Anyone got an address to where you guys play?

I can easily mapquest that shit.

Sent u a pm.