I'm asking for a big favour from all of you

Well, the thing is, my class from school is going to hold a party here in our town. So to make the people here in town curious, we decided on printing some flyers and we allready found a store, where to print them in good quality for a good price. But we still have no layout for the flyer. Now, if any of you, since you are pretty highskilled in doing craphics, could do me and our class a big favour and make some layouts, that would be really nice from you. Since we are going to get about 1000 of them printed, just think of the high ammount of people, who will see your work.(here in Germany) As a reward, I will send one example of the flyer to the person, who made the flyer, we decided on.
That might be motivation to do such a flyer for us.
thx to all the people, who are submitting their work. (Would be kewl, if there would be many people contributing so we could decide on one work.)

Now in detail to the flyer. The format of the flyer is 14,8x10,6 cm.
Somehow in Photoshop I had to specify 19,73x114,05 somehow to get the size I wanted. Dunno why. If there are misunderstandings now, look at the attach file, thats the size.
The slogan of the party is “Bunny goes Holiday” so the flyer should express holiday atmosphere, but there should also be a hot chick in the pic. (The Bunny, ya know…)
Just don’t let the chick/bunny show her naked titties/ass, so we won’t get trouble with our school. Now, to the Information, which should be shown in the flyer:

Bunny goes Holiday Well, as said before, that’s our slogan, so from the written things it should catch the attention of the viewer first.

Fr. 4 Juni 2004 im Jukuz Karben Thats the date and the location.

Einlass: 20 Uhr At 8 o’clock pm our party is going to start.

Eintritt: 2 Euro or **Eintritt: 2 ** < Dunno, if you can see the Euro Symbol. Thats the price for the entry anyway.

Die 100 ersten Sektglser sind umsonst! Thats just an information, that the first 100 glasses champaign are for free.

That would be all infos you need. If you need more infos, ask.
thx to everyone, who is submitting something. Thank you very much.

sounds intreasting ill see if i can make something up…

Forgot to mention, I need them till coming monday.

How big is the paper you are going to be printing on? I’m not familiar with European standards.

What do you mean, by big ? The size of it you can see in the attachement above.

So thats how big the pieces of paper you are printing on are going to be? You aren’t going to print 2-4 on one large sheet then cut them out?

No, the store is doing the printing and the cutting. JUst use the given size as a worksheet.

If time permits me too I think ill give this a shot. Not making promises but Ill see if I can get time to make one.


Hmm, I have some really good ideas. The problem is only the realization. I thought of making it in a Miami Vice/ City style.
Here is it’s current state I’m just thinking of, how I should continue.

Wo Wohnst Du in Deutschland?

Frankfurt a.M.

Du ?

You don’t understand what I am saying but that’s okay.

If you give them a file with just that ONE flyer, they are only going to print one per page and are going to waste paper. If you know how big the paper is that they are printing on you can make a layout with multiple flyers on it so you get the most out of one sheet.

I understand now. But one layout is enough.