I'm at the end of my rope

Edit: Making this thread in my fit of rage wasn’t my best and brightest moment. To sum it all up though I felt as though my arsenal wasn’t complete and I was losing because I didn’t know a good sum of the game mechanics. Just that feeling in my gut where I felt my style was incomplete. And yes I did look for tutorial videos. Some weren’t explaining very well, I could barely understand the commentator, and some third reason that escapes me. But the people on Shoryuken are kind and are giving me good advice and my gameplay in the short time has improved with their advice.

I’ve been playing fighting games since I was a kid, in and out of my fighting love craze and now I have a strong dedication and craving for fighting games. I practice a lot whenever I play to learn the special moves and see if I can make any combos (don’t let my name fool you). So I just got UMvC two days ago. I’m not good but I’m good enough to know what I’m doing, how to do air combos, and I’ve looked up videos on youtube in order to get better. Nothing is helping me. I have no book in the game case though when I picked up the game case there was a book in it (stupid behind Gamestop clerk. No one said take the book out) and the lack of a tutorial mode to teach me the basics and advanced is nerve racking. I love the gameplay and I love the character roster but this lack of a tutorial is killing me. It’s turning me off especially when I need to know how to stop a aerial combo or escape this combo and yadda yadda. I’m considering taking this game back tomorrow and getting a different which I really don’t wanna do. I’m tired of playing Super Street Fighter 4 and Street X Tekken. They feel way too slow and I feel this game is the game for me but I am just getting frustrated losing match after match against players my same rank who are doing immensely better than me. I don’t understand Team Synergy entirely and would help if I knew which characters were best for which role but searching isn’t helping. My point is, through my idiotic, rage fueled ramblings, is I need help with learning the mechanics of this game because I feel there are mechanics that aren’t appearing to me and I am losing because I can’t see em and I can’t master them. And please don’t just say practice practice practice. For fighting games I need a direction or something for me to practice with. A skill I can repeat and use in situations so I can master it. Just going to training mode with my team isn’t helping cause all I’m doing is doing the same aerial combo over and over and not doing anything different. I love the fighting game genre and I don’t want to take this game back but I don’t wanna keep getting upset and angry because I know I have no way of learning certain mechanics.

Marvel 3 kills yet another poor soul. Your only other two options are Skullgirls or Smash.

Lol. I do like Skullgirls but just don’t feel its for me. Smash, I like it just don’t feel it’s my style. I wanna keep going, I just need tips and instructions. I need a teacher. Someone who can tell me okay no do this, or okay block like this then follow up like this, heel stomp him and yadda yadda. Just need direction.

i’m sure alot of ppl are going to disagree with me , but i dont consider mvc a “real” fightinggame.
play ST or 3S.

Truly, a fate worse than death.

Not sure which console you have a copy of this game for, but there is an in-game manual (I know about this for sure on PS3, not sure about Vita/360). For any supplemental information, you can go to the Shoryuken.com wiki for Marvel 3, which is located on the Shoryuken.com home page.

Every fighting game has something to learn from. Marvel 3 is no exception, I know it has this running meme of being a “braindead” fighter which in some situations it is but you have to learn as much about it as the next fg. You do that by experience. Whether it be crappy online or going to locals to play some sets you can learn how each characters like and his/her specifics match ups. Sure you can watch and see how someone reacts to certain things but your brain needs to process for its self how you can react to those same things with your characters and your respective skill-set. Any specifics things your frustrated about?? Who are the characters you play?

I played both. I like 3rd strike just not a lot of people online on xbox live. And I played Street Fighter 4, got good enough to enjoy the online but after a while found it too slow pace and roster to be dull :confused:

Not sure which console you have a copy of this game for, but there is an in-game manual (I know about this for sure on PS3, not sure about Vita/360). For any supplemental information, you can go to the Shoryuken.com wiki for Marvel 3, which is located on the Shoryuken.com home page.

I got the game used at a local gamestop and they didnt have any more new versions. The game works fine but the case I picked up had a copy of the book in it and the guy probably switched the case while I was talking with my friend Her case that had the book in it as well got switched for a case without the book :confused:

I agree with what your saying and that’s normally how I go through with my fighting games, same with this one. I just feel as though there are mechanics that I am missing that makes me feel as though my playing is incomplete. Like I’m not playing with a full deck. I don’t know how to advance guard manually and it’s rare if I even get it at all in like 10 matches. I don’t know how to stop a aerial combo, my opponents do it but I don’t know how to do it and I don’t know how to extend my combos but I know and feel that if I have more time in training mode I can figure how to do more combos. I’m currently running a Vergil, Chun-Li and Akuma team. Not sure if that’s a good team or not. I’m also having trouble with small characters like Rocket Racooon (hate that furry monster) and Viewtiful Joe.

Ok advancing guard is used to escape block stun, it’s performed by pressing two attack buttons. The attack buttons may be L+M or L+H or M+H this cannot be done using Special/Launcher. Tac or team aerial combos are used to either gain meter, safely switch characters, or use an infinite to finish a character off. The system in my opinion was implemented very poorly but how you perform a tac is by adding ANY attack button + S(Special/Launcher) and choosing a direction of up,down, right/left(depending on what side of the screen you are). So all together a Tac example would be L+S + > (Light+Special + Right). A right/left tac will take one bar of meter from your opponent and give it to you, a down tac will grant you one meter without stealing it from the opponent, and an up tac just switches a character and allows you to perform an infinite or simply combo the character into a hardknockdown or super. In a nutshell TACs are a gamble but in high level play they are very powerful in the meta game and are used as resets.

I also forgot to mention that TACs can only be performed when the opponent is in hitstun and you have used a Special/Launcher to get them to super jump height.

What helped me out the most was these two things:

  1. I spent hours, upon hours, upon hours in the lab until my eyes bled and I couldn’t stand the image of those green grid lines in the background anymore. Then, after taking a break, I went right back and trained some more. A huge part of this game is learning EXACTLY how each member of your team works, and working out the kinks with a team you feel has good synergy and enjoy using. Learn all of your combos until literally the only way you’ll drop them is if the lag is too stronk or someone physically knocks the controller from your hands. Get dat muscle memory gdlk.

  2. Having someone that knows how to play this game a lot better than yourself can be the difference between struggling to grasp the core concepts alone or quickly picking up on how to play. Find someone on here that is willing to talk to you and teach you the basics of this game through actual demonstration. Go ft100 with them even if they absolutely destroy you almost each battle, because it’s all valuable experience in which more of it will stick with you than you might initially think.

Use assists often and smartly.

Learn how to block properly.

Work your combos into your game and learn how to actually implement them in the heat of battle.

Push-guard is done by pressing Medium and Heavy at the same time.

You can stop aerial combos only when the other player is about to switch characters. You have to press Launch and the oppisite direction (or same direction, can’t remember as it’s been awhile) and if you pull it off correctly your character will slam the other one into the wall.

Maybe the incomplete feeling you’re getting is from not choosing a team that suits you playstyle. If you’re looking for a well-rounded team that’s not too hard to get good with, you could try Team Trenchcoat (Dante/Wesker/Virgil). They can lock you the fuck down.

Hulk/Sent(drones)/Wesker, get free wins, feel better.

There are resources all around the net. Watch a video. Read the SRK wiki. Read SRK threads. Don’t make yourself helpless because there’s no in-game tutorial.

Thank you. I’ve been using TAC’s like crazy and this helps me better understand stand them.

Thank you! I’ll try the team out, I’m in training mode now. Thank you for telling me so much! I’ll look for someone to help me, hopefully I can find someone in my area before I begin looking on here. And yeah I’ve been struggling looking for a team that feels right to me. I’ll give this team a try.

Thank you before for taking time out of your day to give me some advice! I hope to do you both proud in the future!

Vergil/Chun/Akuma has one very easy to execute character with low risk/high reward (Vergil), a character with tough execution and low reward(Chun li), and a character that must use alll of his tools to get high reward(Akuma). Vergil is considered to be top 3 in the game, Akuma Mid-High tier, and Chun Li is a Low-Mid tier character. Now if you want to stay true to this team that’s ok or if you want to build a team around one character is also an option. Which would you like? Are you open to any and all characters?

It’d probably be beneficial to learn a good zoner or two as well. Dormammu and Magneto come to mind I guess, but Mags is kind of execution heavier with all the flight commanding-ness and whatnot.

My go to team usually consists of Dante/Wesker/Dormmy. You could try that as well. It’s been working well for me for awhile now, and Dormmy is a scary anchor.

I’m open to all characters I guess though I don’t like Hulk, Rocket or MODOK, i’ll give em a try if I have to.

I know and I’ve tried but I feel as though none of them are helping me. I went to SRK wikipedia and saw tutorial videos and was gearing to watch them but the guy removed his account and the videos we’re no longer available. Yeah I shoulda looked around the forums before I decided to post but what’s done is done I guess.

^ Yeah also depends what kind of characters you like. I personally prefer a mix of character that can zone and rushdown as they please. I also like very mobile characters so I play Trish because she has the tools that I prefer to play as and enjoy. There’s also characters that are very technical such as Chun Li/C Viper. Some characters are obviously better than others but I say first choose a character or two that you enjoy and feel that is you then see if they have synergy. If they do great you have a shell(Two characters with synergy) if you don’t you may need to look for other characters or try your best to play without synergy which imo is not very fun. There are characters that are just in your face like Iron Fist/ Wolverine or characters that control space at a very high level such as Hawkeye/ Morrigan. Each position on a team can be served as their own niche to their respective team. So the first character is known as the point character. They are usually characters that have very good match ups and hardly any bad ones. They are amplified by assists to make their seemingly great skill-set even better. Other point characters such as Phoenix Wright are forced in this position as part of their design. Now second characters are usually used as assist characters. Their job is to provide the point character the best assist to help their minor flaws. The third character is called an anchor. The anchor is used as a comeback character. They are used in conjunction with XF to amplify the ability to quickly kills characters. These characters are very mix up heavy and added with the speed and damage boost of XF can become really scary. Now every team does not follow this formula. Some teams are comprised of very good shells. So a team might have more than one shell inside of it which makes for an overall better team.

Get better and stop whining. There’s plenty of threads here where you’ll find what you need. Read them. Watch videos. Seriously don’t make an entire thread just to cry about how much you lose bruv. It’s not cool.

Okay I think understand what your saying. The only character that I feel really comfortable with is Vergil. Captain America and Spider-Man some what as well. No other character’s I’ve used come to mind.