I'm at the limit as to how good I can get without overhauling my strategy in SSF4

I’ve been entering tournaments lately, but the more I enter and play against higher level players, the more I realize I’m at the ceiling of what I can do with my current knowledge of the game. I was consistently getting better just by refining what I do know, but I don’t think I can get any better without learning something entirely new.

I don’t know any frame traps at all and I’m not even entirely sure that I understand how to read frame data. My playing style is pretty defensive only attacking when I see a safe opening in my opponent’s attack. Although I can attack within a pretty small timing gap, I still think I’m not aggressive enough nor do I think I necessarily use the optimum attack. I usually just do a two or three hit combo that doesn’t do much and is relatively unsafe if not timed properly. I think I use medium attacks too much, and I don’t know either of my character’s BnBs. I can punish unsafe moves like shoryukens pretty efficiently, but I can only do massive damage if I have a full meter, then I end up wasting my entire meter because I use the super to punish the Shoryuken. I don’t know how to combo into most ultras or FADCs at all. I know how to FADC, but I haven’t been able to successfully do it. I can do combos better on an arcade stick than I can a controller, but I’m not comfortable with the arcade stick enough to use it for anything other than casual or training mode. It’s something about the joystick that my defense isn’t that good yet. I think it’s that I have to move it more than I do the 360 joystick. Based on that information, does anyone have any advice on what I can do to improve my game? I don’t think I will be able to get better til I fix these problems.

At the moment I use Ryu and Fei Long and I’ll be replacing one of them with Yang when the arcade edition patch is inevitably released.

“360 joystick”

I have found your problem.

Post some match vids of yourself

How do I upload videos? I won’t be able to until tomorrow by the way.

Not trying to be mean, but why are you even posting here? You listed things you already know you need to work on in your original post, so why do you need anyones help? Knowing your characters BnB’s is one of the first things you should have learned.

It seems like you posted the solution to your own problem.

Learn your BnBs, get your execution down. Learn to combo and FADC into ultra. Learn what a frame trap is and how to use it. Learn all of your character’s normals and when to use them. Add all of this into your gameplan, and see where it takes you. Then find what you need to work on next, and work on it.

I don’t understand what you’re asking for. You listed a bunch of stuff you can improve on, so why not improve on it? Getting better requires you to learn things, improve on things, and add them into your play. If you’re looking to get better without putting the work into it, nobody can help you with that.

Agree with pherai/ knockoutj above.

As far as videos, it’s up to you. If you have a capture card you could record with that, most likely the easiest way will be filming it on a phone or some other digital camera. Record a playback rather so you can hold the camera steady and upload to YouTube or wherever and link here.

Another point I’d like to add is that it sounds like you actually own a stick, but only use it for casuals. You’re goin to need to put in time with it and take your losses till you get used to it, if you want to get better with it.

Learning the things you posted about originally isn’t “overhauling your strategy,” it’s called learning (and getting better at) the game.

No offense, but you already know everything you need to do.

I need rephrase what I was asking. I really didn’t make myself clear. I knew what I was asking but failed to ask it. Basically what I would like to know is where on this site can I find the definiton of what a frame trap is and how to do some with my characters, how do I know which of my characters’ combos are BnBs? I think I know one for each of my chars, but I’m not sure if they are in fact, BnBs.

   Ryu = CR.jab x3 CR.forward xx fierce hadouken
   Fei Long = CR.short CR.jab CR.short CR.jab xx fierce rekka x3

Are those BnBs?

go to your character sub-forums.

Are you new to forums? I found this Ryu combo thread on this very site in less than a minute.


you can find your answers on each characters sub forums.