I'm back. And this time, I'm staying


So after moving from one part of LA to another, dealing with the room mate from hell who caused me to go into debt for months and months on end, sinking into a very deep depression that only now I’m getting myself out of, and a 2 week trip to Chicago (which was needed otherwise, I would have surely removed someone’s life from their body) and smoking a whole lot of weed, I’m back. Plan on posting more often and all of that. Any submissive bottoms new to SRK that I need to penetrate?


First in your thread of glorious return, Zulu. Sup.


Thought this was a Septimus Prime thread, booooooooooo.

j/k welcome back.


Sup, our perennial pitching for the Angels, brother?

This thread is a happy place.

Why you gotta go there? :frowning:


Nothing. Horny. This guy wants to come over and jack off with me but my heart belongs to Blake Griffin.


What’s up, Zulu? covers a-hole


“a” hole. But not “all” holes. You have still left Zulu with a variety to select from.

Sup, Zulu.


What’s really good, homie!!!


Right. Still have 2 nostrils, 2 ears, 2 eyes, and a mouth.


If he’s that determined, then I figure I’ve already lost. I’m also frightened by the fact that the listed nose ears and eyes before the mouth. :shake:


This thread is straighter than most of the posts inside of UMvC3’s OTT thread. Sorry Zulu but you’re not gay enough for SRK. Come back to us when your dick cums rainbows.


Why? Got tired of Skittles? Want to take MY rainbow? It’s full of fruity flavors.


I have a layover in LA, next week. Wanna fuck?


Move to The Lounge.



I have no clue who you are but you sound awesome. Always nice to see someone dig themselves out of a whole that someone else put them in and emerge stronger than before.


ummm…that’s a real thing people do?


Zulu’s first encounter with WTF-AKUMA-HAX and Ben Perkins should be cute


I’ve been lurking this thread since it was created, and for the first time ever I’m not actually sure what to say.


Zulu will do the talkings, you will do the listenings, it will be awesome