Im back...for like 1 hour and ill take a request...BUT HURRY!

wats up…im at my friends house and luckly he has pshop so ill do a quick request:p

hook me up with a spiderman av…

blue instead of red (if possible) or just a red scheme then

and have it alternate between saying

“hadoken king”


“highest spiderman”

sure…get me the pics though

tetsu when are you going to be back completely. and wheres hybrid?

oh and is that site with me, you, hybrid, and cursed still running. i need the link.

well…when i get internet on my computer im getting a .com with any domain name…so the other site doesnt need to exist…ive got pshop7 now and im alot better then what before…and i see u have gotten alot better also…when i get back…then we will arrange shit from there:p …i think hybrid is will come back when i do:p

ok cool. i just wanted to know because i consider you guys internet brothers. plus i just missed you guys.

lol…ya man ive missed srk bad and making stuff for ppl…ive missed workin with the team…by the way…the only ppl on the team are me, you, and hybrid…and thats all we need:D

well…i cant take that request…lol
sorry man…later guys…see ya in about a month…maybe less:p


Hour is up. Lock!