Im back for more

well guys im back and ready to get into the ava makeing biz well bring on the request guys animation no animation whatever u want just dont go to crazy with the request

welcome back :clap:

thanxs sunco i see u been busy great work u been doing on here man u diff got some skillz

thx man~ hope u join for the next av battle :tup:

I have an avatar request :). If u can do either one that would be cool.

  1. Something with Zabuza from Naruto similar to the one Tragic used to have, that was pretty fucking cool. With “Biggzy” thrown in there somewhere.

  2. The other is CvS2 Vega (claw) just looking bad ass, not that gay looking picture when you pick C,A, or P groove but something cool. Then just throw “Biggzy” in there somewhere.


didn’t Y45hiro just make you a couple?

i like this one :tup:

I would also like an avatar, something simple>I would like a Barcode and Samson across the bottom in that sketchy sorta way, thanx again man.If you can make it so that there is a red reflection like it was just scanned that wouls be great also, well thats all for me, thanx again man


anyway, i mite request for one but i’ll pm you 1st.

Yeah and they were alright, but I didn’t want to be a dick and say that. So I was just weighing my options, to see what different people can come up with.

Beef, do you make Naruto avs? I’ve seen you using some but I don’t know if you made 'em or not.

yea i made em i just take snap shots from the show and there ya go the one im useing right now is from the 2nd movie preview

was wondering if u can make my current avatar better? a better background, make it bigger if possible. i’ll send you the sprites i used if you need them.:tup:

YO BEEF Could u work ur magic And make this av idea hotness 4me just these pics Geese/Sagat/Chunli in that order and if there is and crazy animation u think would make this av even more fire fell free also Could u Put S.T.K at the bottom in white Thanks in advance…STK!

And if a back ground helps if not kool also!

From what i hear u need to be PM for animation

You do.