I'm back

Sup everyone, I’m back on the forums.

Since everyone got a dmg nerf in super I’ve been finding my other favorite bad guy, seth, to be quite good.

Sagat’s not so bad in ssf4, everyone is stressing over nothing.

Also. It seems like the ssf4 sagat forum is a bit dated or lacking?

What threads are the new hotness? also, hit me up on xbl for matches. I wont be on for another 2 weeks cuz im pretty busy but im down for a good match.

new match up thread for super would be the hotness, all the threads right now are kinda whack.

He’s not so bad, but you really feel Sagat’s slow speed limiting him in this game due to him requiring atleast two advances on an opponents wakeup per round (as before where you could purely zone forever, high damage tiger shots and juggles, and 170 TU). Now requires you to work your ass off. Might as well work it off with another character (Akuma, I like walking).

You’d be in charge of the Sagat forums now, looking forward to new info you’d contribute.

I had wondered where you had been at PGL. Your old match up post were great, look forward to your posts on super sagat.

PGL, The new thread that could use your contribution is the new match up thread. Check it out.

haha PGL, probably don’t remember me but good that you’re back as well. We need to get that matchup thread back in shape.