I'm bad at 3S, who wants to help? *Long Read*

To tell you the truth I wasn’t always bad, it started around October of 2005 I was at my peak of my 3S playing career. I wasn’t great but I could have good matches with just about anyone and show a minimal amount of skill or dumb luck I’m not sure.

Anyway I was excited for the upcoming release of the Xbox 360. I had already known about the selective Back compat. issues with only the most popular games being BC. At this point I basically played 3S and Halo 2. So I was really(and I still am) good at Halo 2 and pretty good at 3S. Anyway back to the point I figured that 3S is a pretty popular Xbox Live game so it’d work right away. Wrong. So I made the horrible mistake of selling my regular Xbox. I figured heck if it doesn’t work right away I can always go hang with my buddies at the Tilt arcade at the Lloyd Center mall until it does. Needless to say the arcade is expensive when you don’t have a job. So me going there every week died out pretty quickly.

Now, I kept SF:AC, Halo:CE, CvS2:EO, and Halo 2 even though I sold my Xbox because I love those games and I’d never sell them. To my previous point after about 6 straight weeks of taking a hour long train ride to the arcade and spending a lot of money I had saved up I was dry on the cash flow. I couldn’t play 3S every week so I got rusty.

Fast forward to a week before the BC update

Long story short my copy of SF: AC and CvS2:EO got stolen by my brothers now ex-girlfriend(several months before what I’m talking about now).

I figured what the hell SF: AC will never work on the 360 because Microsoft doesn’t care about 2D fighters or 2D fighting fans. So I completely gave up on playing and just decided it’d be best if I assumed that I’d never get to play one of my favorite games again.
At this point I’ve gotten really into UMK3(another one of my favorite games) playing with some really high level players on XBL all the time and keeping up with them EWAShock, Crazy Dominican, JJ Epperson, and a bunch of the people from the Mortal Kombat website I visit.

Anyway back to the BC update, it happened. I looked at all the games that now work on the 360 and that have been patched and to my dismay I see Street Fighter Anniversary Collection. Now, the first words out of my mouth were not “yay I’m glad it finally works on the 360.” Oh no, they were completely different. After about 30 minutes of non-stop swearing(because mine got stolen and now it works) I composed myself. I called up my local Gamecrazy and asked if they had any copies of SF:AC new or used, no. I called several other Gamecrazy stores and got the same answer I even called a few GameStop stores even though I hate GameStop. So one of the Gamecrazy stores told me to come in and “special order it.” I did. That was six weeks ago. I still have not received it.

So my brother got my copy of SF:AC back through some talks with his ex and I’ve been playing steadily for the last two weeks. I can’t parry anything but single hits and it’s not just because of XBL delay. I’m not terrible, just not as good as I used to be. I’d like to get back to where I was in October of 2005 and I’d like to do it soon.

Any help at all would be awesome. I know about all the FFA Ranbat stuff and have been watching that for awhile now mainly for Rockefeller’s commentary but still I’ve been watching. I mainly pick Ken and Akuma. I know of most of the really high level Ken and Akuma players and watch the matches any time I have free time. Still it’s not enough, I really need some hands on help/training.

My XBL GT is L SuGaR L

Thanks for your time guys,


ill play you when i get it: )

Lol, are you stalking me or something?

Lol no i noticed that your getting big into S3 and i am too and that introduced me to here and the whole Post your own stick thing and soo… i like it here but i cant get a sig and I WANT TO PLAY IVE BEEN TO 20 FUCKING STORES AND I CANT FIND IT!

Heres a tip: If you think you are only okay at the game, stop playing Gouki. He has the worst health in the game, which means that every mistake you make hurts even more than it needs to.

Stick to Ken and maybe pick up another of the mid-teir characters.


He has the worst defense in the game. And also the shortest stunbar. Everyone has the same amount of health.

And yes, play Ken more than Gouki. You’ll get used to the shoto style again, and when you get better again go back to Gouki if you want. He’s more riskier to play but he has a lot of shit he can pull off.

i like 12 and necro what do you recomend for me?

Segata sanshiro. Keep playing and training till your fingers break, that’s how you get your old glory back… or even more.

At first I thought this topic read “I’m bad at 35”. I was gonna say, “Dude, it’s time to hang it up!”:rofl:

If you are not really good at the game, these are two characters to avoid, especially 12.

So who do you recomend?

No ken ever seens hyper fighter on XBLA im sick of ken vs kens dude

No…if he were, he’d have said “I’ll get you when you play it.”.

Chun is a good, strong character whose style is relatively basic.

play whoever you want, if you like gouki then go for it, and you should find some offline comp

I mean does it have to be a basic character because im not new to fighting games and ive played it a little and if you read GameFAQ’s you can about do anything but is this game alot harder or somthing?


Best advice someone can give…pick ken, sa3 white ken. Or chun li sa2

Dont pick characters like Hugo…its ridiculous…sigh

It’s not impossible to be good with Akuma. I like his versatility and it seems to me like he has far more setup options than Ken. I watch as many videos of Yuki Atoko and J.R. Rodriguez and I find myself trying to emulate their style of play and find myself trying to dominate the match. Where as when I play Ken I feel the need to poke and play defensively always trying to catch people with a low forward into SA3. I mean there are far more good Ken players than Akuma players but it seems like most Ken players all play the same but with slight differences in skill and aggressiveness. I also find myself losing to people who play “oddly” if you will pick low tier characters and just not playing the way I see most high level players. Any suggestions on that?

Thanks again guys. Beastly site too.

Pick whoever the hell you want first off and read up on your basics on the character. If you like Akuma, stick with him and learn his options, pokes, etc. The best thing is to stick with one character regardless of ease-of-use and learn him through and through. And also, learn to block.

As for odd play styles, you should definitely try and adapt to the situation. At first, that’s pretty hard to do on the fly. But usually, you should take note of his playing and see if he leaves any openings or abuses a certain move a lot. That way you can at least try to abuse that opening or parry for initiative. Taping your matches, good or bad, is generally great in order to find out your mistakes in situations or to see certain things that could have worked or did work. Watch some match videos, and eventually you’ll earn some type of sense of adaptation.

Yea i play SF2 a good bit and i die mostly and alot because im so stuck to charging down that Ppl just JK own me and its sorta hard with me using only vega so I have to learn to stop the charge and take the block coz its better in the long run