I'm bored and having mood swings - What are the most common reasons people "hate" TvC

Yeah, the typhoon Odyong came in my country, and while we didn’t get flooded, the signal for the internet sucked. When it finally comes out, I checked some forum’s recent messages coughcoughgamefaqscoughcough and was flabbergasted by the stupidity of the posts yet again. Being a person who doesn’t mind opinions as long as they are well-reasoned, my nerves began to pump angrily on the ignorant comments.

With that said - what do you think are the most retarded reasons on why people hate TvC (especially those who haven’t even touched it)? I think the one that really grates on my nerves is the OMGTEHAMOUNTOFBUTTONS.

Good God… just… just that way of reasoning makes me want to hurl. :mad:

Well, good to see that things didn’t go that bad with the typhoon. I feel your pain though, recently it feels like that place caught the stupidity flu or something, on top of the usual of course (do you even know which is my GFaqs account though?).

The reasons I’ve seen:
-“lol Karas is too broken”
-“lol 4 buttons”
-“lol Wii”
-“lol not Marvel”
-“lol Japanese characters I don’t even know”

At least that’s what it seems to me.

I’ve heard people complain about the fact that it’s on Wii, but that’s about it.

how about:

“wha?! no ken masters!?”

These are all the points of whining I’ve heard from noobs on Youtube and such:

  • Omg Wii sucks
  • Who are these characters?
  • It looks too cartoony/anime
  • XXXXX character should be in this! Why isn’t they in this? (usually someone dumb like Ken Masters)
  • It’s not Marvel
  • The controls sucks. Only 4 buttons!
  • Another Guilty Gear rip-off
  • Karas ruins it

and my condolences about the typhoon. A friend of mine was there too and lost 2 cars and a lot of expensive equipment. Hope your family and stuff are OK.

This pretty much sums it up. That or “WHAT?!?!?! NO (Phoenix Wright/Dante/Pizza Cats), FUCK THAT!!!11!”

-because its not marvel
-because I dont understand it
-because it sucks

  • My butt hurts because of karas

I could go on and on with lame excuses like those…

if only those who said “Karas is broken” played the new TvC first…
that would stop their B@#*$ing

most retarted one???
its on Wii & No PS3/Xbox360 port

or went to Japan with their mindset on karasftw, got raeped by multiple ppl who aren’t using Karas, then eventually get a .gif made of their failure and consumption of their own words.

Infinites really degrade a game nowadays. I showed TvC to a lot of my friends and they liked it, but once they saw stuff like Kara’s infinite and Chun-Li’s infinite they were turned off immediately.

More than anything people just hate a game full of broken strategies. So that’s why I have been pushing the latest game. Frank West video has 112,000 views and counting.

Unfamiliarity is also another factor, but people seem more relieved when I tell them that all the Tatsunoko characters are really old animes and that they shouldn’t know anyway. They are also impressed by the flashy supers.

You can’t expect a game with infinites to sell well these days.

Oh OP, Why would you care/rage seeing comments from Gamefaqs to begin with? It is almost a fact that the site is not the best place to search for comments worth of an certificate of philosophy.

Add Gene and you have the list of the characters that a lot of people over the internet wanted for this game.

And like was said before, the most known reasons for a good number users to like TvC like other games reside in the fact that the game is Wii Exclusive, Karas/retard infinites/“Bawww too broken for me”, Unfamiliarity with the characters (from Tatsunoko) for most people in America and of course, not being like Marvel.

please dont bring up more reasons i should just stay off the internet, because it infuriates me, and so does srk at times.

Eh don’t take it seriously. It’s just for fun. :wink:

hey wolfox_okamicha,
edit your thread and make a top 10 (reasons why people hate TvC)
make it more fun

I guess I am just typing this because there is a little hater in all of us. And I am a little bored but still way to hype to let it not be said in some long post by me.

I mean it is crazy because I actually love and hate the game for a lot of the reasons that are up there, I mean if you get to know the game and the engine like others have then you know you can not help but really enjoy the game.

4 buttons: 3 attack, 1 partner. Did not really bother me seeing as I played Marvel so much that I was just glad to have my mediums back on call like I wanted them to be.

On the Wii was a major selling point for me because I saw the game and just knew that it was a game made just for the Wii. It just looked like a Wii game and that made me want it even more.

While I do hate that the Samuri Pizza Cats are not in the game (yes I wanted all three of them) I know in my heart of hearts that they will be in the next one. Tatsunoko has all the characters I really love to play. Casshern, Ploymar, Ippatsuman, Yatterman-1, Doronjo. While I still think Rock Volttnut is the coolest one out of the cast, other than him I only play Batsu and Chun-li on Capcom side. I mess with roll and Alex for fun but not much else and I only play them with Yatterman-1. I will play all the new characters since I like Frank now that I have seen his game play. (Otg wall bounce anyone!!!) Zero will interest me as long as it is the Zero I like, and as I said Tatsunoko has all the hype “niggaz” on their side so I know their new added characters will be the shit.

Karas is not stupid or not interesting, but his infinite is so not cool at all, but you let the game evolve over time and you come to find out that 8 of the cast are not even close to effected by karas ( 6 of those 8 are really good to play karas with,) one of them is also a god in this game. (Chun-li) Another 5 are like stupid great “karas killing teams”: Ken and Tekkaman, Ippatsuman and Polymar, Casshern and Polymar. Soki is not great against karas but he does not have to waste megacrash because of his health and not being able to be caught up by the infinite, and Alex is the same.

So while I hated the stupid slide infinite it also made it easier to play the team I though was the best in the game. (Casshern and Polymar) I will pick Ippatsuman and Polymar in a second against Karas since 2 bars equals well over 65%. Hell, now that I think about it Ippatsuman and Tekknaman is also a great team to “Kill Karas” with and so is Soki and Tekknaman, what is that like 5 teams made out of the 8 characters that can not be put in the infinite, it was easy to tell after a little more time that it was really not that big of a deal.

That brought up the issue of it having stupid easy, not flashy infinites, those need to go, yes I am talking about the chun-li corner grounded infinite. Not the re-jump heavy one. Yes the Megaman corner grounded infinite. Not the Megaman re-jump shield infinite. Take out the Doronjo infinite only because it is not going to hurt anything at all except having one less infinite. Leave her loops because they are flashy and cool. For the love of god give who ever left the Yatterman-1 infinite in a raise. ( Has got to be the single coolest infinite I have ever done/seen.) Batsu, oh well we all have seen how I feel about that, lets just say take it out by making the fireball only cause knock down once in a combo or even twice. Ken and Juns are ones I am really up in the air about, they really do not hurt much and yes they are easy but they do build bar and look cool enough to be as easy as they are if you get what I am saying. Not really game changing since I never see them really turn a match, while they do make getting bar control hella easy, give them redefined loops that last longer and remove the infinites. (really just leave them as they are in my mind but some people just do not understand infinites) I think that covers them all right? Edit: Morrigan infinite, leave it she needs one but it should not be as hard as it is to set-up, really and make it look cooler.

While I would have to say that the most crazy one out of all of them has to be the 4 buttons shit because a lot of the games core crowd should have been from a game where you only had 4 attack buttons and two of those attack buttons served as double function. I do not know if the MvC2 crowd knew it or not but those controls were wack as fuck. NO medium at all!!! Never ever on command can I have a medium attack. These controls work like a charm!!!
Rant/random post over.

Tatsunoko is the best thing to happen to the VS. series, POINT BLANK!!!

You do realize that there are no more infinites at all in this game?

It’s possible to find new ones but due to the game engine changing the execution would be so fanatically difficult that it wouldn’t be worth trying.

PTX…fuck him

We can’t really say that yet. Nobody knows what the final build is going to look like yet. From the looks we’ve gotten at earlier builds it looks like some of them are getting fixed and some aren’t, but we have to wait and see.

Ah I’ll leave it to you

and gold lightan too. fuck them both. amen.