I'm Brewsking. I'm new to SRK

Hey everybody! I heard about this site what seemed like years ago and now it has taken on a life of its own! Back in the days of Golfland tournaments in Sunnyvale, CA I heard this site was put together and was well known for Kaillera competition. I am pleased to join you. I am a PR guy for Gamerholic.com, but I also enjoy driving, football, soccer, travel and dating. Anyone know where some arcades are still around in Northern California? I get out of the office every so often and want to get back online and compete in the fighting tourneys. You guys are sure to bring me back into the fold with some good fights on my belt, right? Well, its good to be here and I’m open to making new buddies!


Welcome to SRK.

We don’t generally do introduction threads here at SRK. The site is simply too big. If you do want to introduce yourself, you’re better off doing so in the nor cal thread in regional matchmaking. They’d also know about arcades there.


If you have gameplay questions, come on back to the newbie dojo. Also, this isn’t really the place to promote your website.