I'M BURGIN! - Philadelphia, PA - 7/26 | July 26th

Lets get it, this is gonna be big business!

The Lowdown

This is a BBQ tourney, which will be held in the Fairmount Park system, which is ultimately located in Philly. Exact address is unknown, but I’ll post up all the details as soon as I get the park permit situated.

The Entry Fee

$15 a head, plus an item of your choice(see below for options)

The Games

1) Arcana Heart 1/2
2) Melty Blood: Act Cadenza
3) Capcom vs SNK 2
4) Super Street Fighter II Turbo
5) Tekken 5: DR
6) Guilty Gear: Accent Core
7) King of Fighters 98
8) Akatsuki Blitzkampf

The Price
$5 a game

The Rules
# Double Elim.
# 2/3 Games for Normal Matches
# 3/5 Games for Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals
# Winner must keep same character(Able to choose different Arcana[Arcana Heart only])
# If player is not available at time of match, will be sent to loser’s bracket. If already in loser’s bracket, will be eliminated. Name will be called out using intercom system.

How The Hell This Is Going Down?

It’s a tournament laced with a barbecue. You pay your entry fee into the tourney, get your badge, and play your damn games with the luxury of some good food on the side. Your entry fee will be used for charcoal, grills, tables, power strips, blah, extra food, renting the space, and giving the guys who cook AT the tourney a little compensation. If you don’t have a badge, I’m gonna have to remove dat ass, and why would you want to make paying for this harder for me?

Why Can’t You Run Such and Such Game?

Because I don’t like running around like a chicken with no head. I never said you couldn’t run your own game, just so long as you bring your own TVs and systems we’re cool. If you have interest in a certain game, I’ll gladly keep track of who might show up for such game, and if it reaches to over 20 people in the pre-reg list, hell I’ll get it going.

So Whats The Situation With Me Bringing Stuff?

Well, to be blunt, I’m not buying all the fucking food for this event, or you’d be paying like a $30 cover fee. I feel as though the best way to get food available for the tourney, is to have each attendant bring a little something for the grills. I’m also going to need some nice guys that’ll be cool with donating equipment for this, because I’m not gonna find 20 TVs on my own, or even just systems. I can’t afford a PS3 jeez, don’t look at me that way.

So to get people schooled in how this thing is working out, I’m gonna go ahead and drop some knowledge right now. Basically, depending on what you bring helps decide what your cover fee is gonna look like. As far as food/utensils, well those are mandatory for entrance. The food/utensils are tiered into different categories, and depending on what you choose to bring along decides how MUCH you’re bringing. This is the list I’m going by, check it:

Damn dog, you’re getting in free: Supergun(Gotta come with a board nigga)
$10 off cover fee: PS3, TV, Table, Grill
$5 off cover fee: PS2, laptop
$1 “At least you tried” off cover fee: Power strip, Extension cable(30 feet minimum, must have 3rd prong), GHETTO BLASTER

If theres anything not on this list that you’d be interested in bringing, just post about it and I’ll see if I’ll need it, and how much you’ll get off for bringing it.

Lets talk food.

Tier A(aka this needs to feed at least 10 people): Potato Salad, Fried Chicken, Macaroni Salad, Candied Yams, GREENS, Mac & Cheese
Tier B: Watermelon, Chicken, Hamburgers, Fish.
Tier C: Hot Dogs, Biscuits, Cornbread, Soda, Corn on the Cob, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cheese, ALUMINUM FOIL
Tier D: Salt, Pepper, Metal Skewers(no wood), Plastic Spoons/Forks/Knives, Paper/Plastic Plates, Paper Towels, Hot Dog/Hamburger buns, Mustard, Ketchup, Chips, Soda, Pickles, Beans, Rice.

Again, if theres anything not here that you’re interested in bringing, drop me a line and I’ll see where it’ll fit/if I’ll need it.

Tier A, you only have to bring one item(as long as it feeds 10 people, I don’t wanna hear no “it feeds 10 homeless guys”). Also it already needs to be cooked, preferably in something that can be covered up, and can take the abuse of being covered/uncovered. Aluminum pans work nice!

Tier B, you’re still ballin with the food, but you didn’t cook anything. This is the stuff that will be cooked on site, bring 2 of these guys

Tier C, now we’re getting to the meat of the event. If you’re bringing something from just this tier, you’re gonna pick out 3 things, duplicates are allowed.

Tier D, well this is hard. Just bring 4 for now

Are there any other things that’ll need to be done for this tourney?

We’re gonna need people to cook this stuff, sushi is nice and all but to have raw food all day is pretty uncool. I’m gonna need people who KNOW what they’re doing, and can cook things that will eventually get eaten. If you’re skilled in a certain area but bad in others, thats fine as long as you let me know beforehand. I don’t want 5 guys who can only cook burgers but can’t cook a piece of chicken worth a shit.

If you take this position, I’ll need to you cook 2 hours minimum, and **you’ll be reimbursed your entry fee, along with free entry into a game of choice/B]. I’m not gonna have anyone slaving over a hot grill while everyone else grubs down mad hard.

There will be limits to what gets brought to this, so after I get a certain amount of people bringing a certain thing, I’m closing off the list for said item. Can’t have 30 guys bringing hot dogs and like 2 people with potato salad, you dig?

Equipment List

–>PS3 - 3

  1. Dream, 1

–>TV - 20

  1. Name Here

–>Grill - 5

  1. Name Here

–>Laptop - 5
1) Mizuki, 1
2) Kayin, 1

–>Table - 10

  1. Name Here

–>PS2 - 18
1) someAzNDude, 1
2) Kayin, 1

–>Supergun - 2 | CLOSED
1) bellreisa, 1
2) Sp00ky, 1

–>Power Strip - 10

  1. Name Here

–>Extension Cable - 10

  1. Name Here

–>Ghetto Blaster - 3
1) Phae, 1

The numbers represent the limit for how many of an item can be brought.

Food List

—>Hot Dogs - 20

  1. someAzNDude, X

Cook List
1) Phae

If you have any interest in attending this, pre-register! I need to get an estimated headcount for how many people are gonna be attending this, because the cost of the permit depends on how many people I’m going to be holding at this tourney. I also need to assure myself that I’ll have enough food and that this is worth doing.

To pre-register, just post up with the games you’d interested in entering, along with the food you’ll be bringing with you. If you’re bringing any extra equipment, include that as well so I can get all of this listed. I ask that if you say you’re gonna bring something, please bring that item. You can always change your food before the tourney, but don’t have me expecting greens and I see you with 3 cans of raviolis tourney day. You can always take your name off the list in case you aren’t able to go, so even if you have the slightest interest in going, register for now.

Name, Food, (optional)Equipment, Games

The Pre-reg list

1) Hyperhal, Philly PA, 3 packs of hot dogs, 3 TVs
2) Mizuki, Curry/Mac & Cheese, 1 Laptop
3) someAzNDude, Hot Dogs, 1 PS2
4) woof, N/A, N/A
5) bellreisa, N/A, 1 Supergun-AH2
6) Phae, N/A, GHETTO BLASTER -Cook-
7) Peskypurple, N/A, N/A
8) ulovemikeroch, N/A, N/A
9) Master Chibi, Banned
10) RushedDown, N/A, N/A
11) CoMeBaCk386, N/A, N/A
12) Demon Hyo, N/A, N/A
13) Justin W, N/A, N/A
14) E-Honda, N/A, N/A
15) GreenAnt, N/A, N/A
16) Kayin, N/A, 1 PS2|1 Laptop
17) Sp00ky, N/A, Supergun-AH2
18) Dream, N/A, PS3
19) Zaelar, N/A, N/A
20) Orka, N/A, N/A

As far as misc. information goes, as far as address and everything, I’ll get that figured out as soon as I apply for the permit. I’m gonna scan the possible places I can hold this, and pick what I feel is the best location. As the date goes, right now thats when I want to hold it, but of course things can get ambiguous with the rise of outside problems. Don’t book your flights/bus tix as of yet, I’ll confirm the date in 2 weeks.

Make this a success by coming out! It’s a great deal!

You know I’m coming Hal. I’m bringing my laptop for SF2 hacks and I’ll bring curry or Mac and Cheese! Get hype for that CvS2 EX groove tourney!


I’ll MM anyone in Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game, SF2 Accelerator, and SF2 Kouryu edition for a dollar.

Put me down for this event, I’m gonna bring my ps2 and bring some hot dog packs I might bring some more, I’ll keep you posted.


if i still have leftover profit money from ax i can try to go to this

interested, but not committed; we shall see.

I will see if I can get a Supergun running AH2

Why the hell would you have AH2?

If I go to this, I’ll run to Costco and buy a 50 pound bag of sausage.

I’ll bring a PS2 and a laptop, as I’ll prolly have my new one by then.

hal, why the hell is chicken in both a and b tier

This is gonna be fun!

I’m bringing the ghettoblaster at the least, and Hal, I told you I am down to do some cooking. If I can find my apron, it can be loaned out to whomever is doing the cooking so they don’t get all dirty from grilling for us.

Gonna hit up that Costco…

you dont question chicken

A tier = Already cooked
B tier = We gotta cook it

cause AH2 looks cool

Love to come, have to see my schedule for the summer. Always glad to help however I can though.

This is during the Summer? Count me in Hal, dude you’re starting to become my favorite person on the tourney forums…

What if I bring a George Foreman grill or some shit like that? Like one of those waffle breakfast grill things you can cook meat on, or the portable gas grills.

If you do have the availability and you can grill I think you’d be a welcome addition, or else it’s gonna be really tragic.

ill bring my damn stomach


yo wtf
i might have to hit philly for a day for this

trust me thats more then enough

this sounds like a idea me n my boy dream said awhile ago but couldnt due to assholes he knows the real situation count me and def count him in for this shit…