I'm calling out ShinAkumalvl2



What’s up buddy. Let me say first of all that I think you’re a pretty decent guy and that I respect your Akuma and enjoy playing against you. I definitely have to play hard to beat you, and you’ve outplayed me on some occasions.

But my friend just informed me that in your XBL profile, you say “Pro Akumas are free and my Akuma is above all others.” If this is a joke, then I will edit this post to reflect that and I apologize for the blow up that is about to commence. But knowing how verbally aggressive you are, I’m pretty positive you’re serious.

You hate it when I come into SRK Live or PJS when you’re streaking because you know your time on top is limited… You’ve said this to my friend via headset. I’ve kicked your ass plenty of times, and I’m sure I have some replays saved I could post if I cared.

Here is a link to the YouTube vid of the ft10 you played against JR Rodriguez. You lost 10-0. That means he won ten games. You won zero games. He won 100% of the games, and you one the smallest number of games possible in the human mathematical system. A goose-egg. Euclid, Pythagoras, Newton… none of the greatest thinkers in mathematics could concoct a more vicious beatdown of a score in a first to ten set, because it is a raw of a bitchslapping is as logically possible.


I don’t know who you consider to be “pro,” but JR is not free to you, LoyalSol is not free to you, OsirisKidd is not free to you, Autodemon aka Andy Liu NYC is not free to you, and I am sure as hell not free to you either.

I am not doing this to be a dick. Honestly, I enjoy playing you and the occasional XBL headset chat that we have. If you’re trolling in your profile, then whatever - it’s annoying, and you should delete it. But the thing is, I am pretty positive YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE IT. LOL… Dude, stop raging and counting your own victories as world championship and blaming the ones you lose on lag or your broken controller or whatever other bullshit… People don’t want to play with someone whose head is bigger than his ass, and if you want to improve (which every player, from Daigo all the way down to the n00biest n00b), should want to do, then you need to make FRIENDS with the best Akuma players, not boast about how free they are.


Online warrior drama go!


Well this could have been true if PM was used, but public thread to sort out something u ain’t sure about is slightly “being a dick” :slight_smile:

Anyway, I don’t care. All this make little sense to me. Reacting to someone else quote he decided to put in his own profile… like it has a sort of effect on my own life or whatever.

You know who you think you are, but you never know who others think you are and what you look like to others.
Let to everybody this part of themselves they can control and who care if that’s not what others see/know about them.

If this makes sense…


No, it doesn’t really make sense, except maybe if you don’t know what lvl2 is like. He’s talked trash about plenty of my friends, including people I know offline.

He talks trash and claims he’s better than many people he isn’t. So now I’m talk talking trash back.



Ok 5 step plan to settle this.

step1: go to tournament with a stream

step2: convince him to come aswell

step3: play for a good amount of money on stream

step4: ???

step5: profit


alright, but he does in private situation not in public forum I guess.

I mean is this Desperate housewives forum ??




Didn’t know who these guys were before but now I care. Drama! #esports




Yo drama! YES! YES! YES!



fixed, who gives an EFF if its on a stream. i want real popoff commentary, not stream bullshit

or at least ft10 online and record that


It’s in his XBL profile you dunce lol that’s public.

Trash talk is part of what makes SF fun. I’m friends with ShinAkumalvl2, dude. But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna let his bogus shittalk slide.

Oh and lvl2 in his profile specifically said that JR was one of the pros he has beaten and posted a video on YouTube of him beating JR in one match. After losing getting scraped 10-0 in the ft10 lol.




Now this may sound crazy, and I know it’s probably just wishful thinking, but how about you talk to him?


Geez, I’m just trying to have a little fun. 99% of the board is “damn why does Capcom keep nerfing Akuma” and theory fIghting about some unblockable you’ll never pull off in an actual match.

The response I was hoping for was “/popcorn” :slight_smile:

P.S. I’ll be at Evo, and I’m happy to money match anyone who wants it.


I beat him 2-1 until he quit about two days ago

[details=Spoiler]2 bars
bad match up for gouki
block set ups, mash cr.LK suddenly to avoid a set up, wait for demon set up to come out because of all the buttons i was pressing (and then mash again to stuff it)

nah, I’m just screwing with you Shin, but I would love to see this match.[/details]


Nothing to add to the thread. Just posting her for Notification updates.


I haven’t seen that guy post around here in ages. You’re probably better served contacting him via XBL.


Does anybody in this thread have a good recipe for scones? If not, I’ll settle for a recommended brand of shoe laces.*

  • Brown or black, I care not.


:END Who likes aeroplanes?


fuck that peaceful Private message shit… he tried to put you on blast so blow him the F up on here…body him on xbl and upload them and trash talk more… F that PG shit