I'm completely new to the game. Need help

Greetings guys. I’m completely new to AE but have some small experience in other 3D fighters like Virtua and DOA. I recently purchased AE and am looking forward to learning some things. To be quite honest, whenever I play, I feel completely lost, I don’t know the rules of the game, how I should be moving, how to implement my characters’ specials and many other things. I like Ibuki and Makoto but I truly have no clue how to play the game itself, much less the two chicks.

What I’m looking for is some kind of general beginner guide to read, videos to watch and other tips I could use to slowly get into the game. It’s the most famous fighter in the world and I’m sure there’s a lot to learn and fun to have with it and I want to be a part ot it. Then I’d move to Makoto and Ibuki specific things in their subforums but any help with them would be appreciatted too.

Thanks in advance and cheers everyone.

Most importantly: learn how to properly anti-air. This will seriously win you games at ALL LEVELS OF PLAY.
Learning a basic combo that’s safe on block or hit is also good for a beginner. Over time you want to learn your best punish combos for all situations.
You want to learn your character’s best normals and footsie tools. Over time you’ll want to learn option selects and what not. For example, Ibuki can play footsies with normals, but it’s much more scary if you can play footsies with a normal that will cancel into neckbreaker.
For Ibuki and Makoto, you need a great oki game. Work on tricky and safe setups (moreso for Ibuki; Makoto’s setups aren’t as safe).
Oh and definitely learn how to block patiently and crouch tech.

There are dozens of other things to learn, but that should be a good start…

I don’t even know where to find frame data or what’s safe and what’s not…

Look here:

Anything that is -2 on block or hit is regarded as safe (except in some cases). It also depends on your opponent, range etc. Watch some match vids to get a feel for the characters you play.

Go to youtube and search for VesperArcade, they have some great beginners guides (for Super Street Fighter IV) that still apply to all versions, as well as our very own TBird’s fantastic guide here: Basic Video Tutorial/Guide for Total Beginners for SSF4

Also give this a read once you’ve got your head around the basic concepts, The Footsies handbook: http://sonichurricane.com/?page_id=1702

As an Ibuki player myself I’ll give you a quick warning she’s definitely one of the harder characters to learn and even harder to master, shes pure fun though once you get your mind around things, be prepared for the next update however… She’s going to be a totally different character in 2014. Makoto on the other hand is fun, difficult to master, and IMHO is pretty straightforward and will be getting some great buffs in 2014.

Regardless, take your time, learn your fundamentals, play who you like, don’t autopilot and take your lumps.

Welcome to Street Fighter.