I'm completely new. Who do I start with?


I’m completely new to Capcom fighters and wanna get into Street Fighter. Seeing as how SSF4:AE is free on XBL right now (I’ll upgrade to Ultra when I’ve got the money), I think now is the time to. I come from NRS fighters (Mortal Kombat and Injustice), so I -really- don’t have much of a clue of how Street Fighter works. I’m willing to learn, though. Street Fighter looks like a lot of fun and seems like a much more technical game, so yeah.

Anyway, enough rambling. What I’m making this thread for is because I don’t know where to start, and I’m hoping people can give me a good suggestion on who to get started with. I don’t wanna play a Shoto character because that just seems like the easy way out, but I don’t really know much about any other character in SF to wanna play 'em. So who would you suggest is a good started for a noob like me?


Play everyone until you find a character that feels right for you.


just play what you feels right in yourself.


don’t worry about winning so much at first. The biggest difference between capcom and NRS fighters is the importance and utility of normal moves. I can beat you soundly never even doing a special move or a combo, just knowing the range and speed of my normal moves. With that being said, start playing every character in ranked matches until you get every character to rank C, about 20 wins with each character. Not only will you learn how the overall game works, but have a rough understanding of everyones normals. As you play you will notice certain characters fitwith your playstyle better.


I would highly suggest starting with Ryu, even if you don’t like him. That character teaches you the basics better than anyone else, then you can switch to whoever you like.

Be prepared though because NRS games are nothing like SF4. Here, you can win without ever doing a single combo, and fundamentals are what wins games, everything else is just a bonus.


Ryu is the basis for 5 or 6 other characters (called Shotokans or Shotos), so learning him will set you up with the fundamentals of the game. Then you can play with charge characters and other guys.


Having never played a Charge character (Main Juri) - is Decapre a bad choice to start with? :3


Thanks for the comments, guys. What about Ken? Is he the same as Ryu entirely or are his normals and stuff different? I’d rather play Ken, but if Ryu really will help me out that much, I guess I’ll give him a go for a while. Although I am liking Sagat a lot ahhaha


Ken is good too, although he’s basically a less linear, less balanced and more aggressive version of Ryu. Apart from the kara-throw, which you’ll have to learn eventually, he’s still very easy to use, so he’s good for beginners.

Sagat is a lot more “wooden” and clunky to control, but if you don’t mind that, he’ll definitely teach you how the fireball game works and he’s not terribly hard to use.


She’s extremely different to play as for me, but I haven’t put that much time into her. To be honest, anyone is easy once you get them down, so just take your time with the character.


Pick 2 or 3 characters you like who are different from each other so you have a balanced team of go to characters. You dont have to only pick one.