I'm creating a guide"how to become a top player in fighting games"

I’ve just begun writing a series of articles for my guide on “how to become a top player in fighting games” the first one is up let me know what you all think.
please leave some feedback.

if you aren’t a top player yourself, i don’t think you have the creditentials to write a guide like that

Agree with eating healthy, at least during tournament day. Eating a good, light, breakfast or lunch can really help sharpen up your focus and mental endurance while avoiding getting that sleepy feeling from eating too much of the wrong type of food.

Exercise? Sure, it might help, although there are plenty of overweight top players who never see a gym and still maintain a high-level of skill. Doesn’t take much strength to perform fine-tuned motor control over a stick. Street fighter is largely a mental game.

Speed reading? This is probably the least relevant topic. You don’t need to learn speed reading to improve at fighting games. That’s like saying if you do a bunch of pushups, you’ll become better at basketball. They’re non-correlative issues.

These are more like general life tips than a ‘how to become’ guide.

Not to be a dick, but what exactly have you accomplished or produced?

I took one look at this thread and I wanted to tell you that people are only interested in your advice if you’ve been high-level before.

And then I took one look at your blog and I wanted to tell you that your advice is as far from fighting-game-specific as it gets.

But then I saw Broccoli Ryu. Where did that picture come from? Did you make him? God damn, he is awesome!

Be it that you’ve done nothing to convince me you’re capable of teaching someone to be a top player…