Im creating a stick with a 1mm throw

my stick uses a rubber pad/grommet to hold the stick in neutral, which it does without bouncing so I dont have to worry about switches being accidentally hit. I’m also using levered switches with a round restrictor and actuator so i dont have to worry about the dead zone interfering with hitting corners.

ragardless, is this a good or bad idea.

Sounds insane, am messing around with a modded JLF it really does feel faster even without me changing my hand position to a faster one.

if it doesnt cost a ton of money and its something your interested in its probubly worth trying.

Sounds like you would need to be incredibly precise to hit diagonals.

I personally prefer a huge throw on my sticks :looney: But hey, if you like it, then it’s a good idea. Go for it.

can you elaborate on this?

Haha Sexper, I like you and all but wasn’t your Tech Talk thread about this good enough?

deadf, i thought i’d get more responses here. my bad. lol.