I'm curious about the details of FADC

to get right to the point,

what’s the frame advantage or disadvantage of a simple, level 1 FADC forward?

Depends on your dash. I believe all FADC’s have 16-17 frames of blockstun so you can take your dash and pretty much subtract it from that.

Chun is +1, Dictator is +0, yada yada. Eventhubs has all that data. Generally I just look at how the dashes compare to chuns and subtract the difference from +1.

Gouken’s seems to match Chun Li’s, and I think Gouken has among the fastest forward-dashes too. Does this imply he’s at least at neutral frame advantage, if not better?

Perhaps the reason I often get hit out of a lv.1 FADC forward is because it’s harder to time a throw or st. MK than it is to repeatedly mash cr. jab or cr. short as the opponent usually does

Upon a closer look, I think you may have meant the other way around, with regards to Bison and Chun’s frame-data… Bison has faster recovery. Or are we considering block-stun on the lv.1 FA and recovery of the dash? I don’t think Eventhubs has that data…