I'm desolated and frustrated with SFVI


Average player here. I main Ibuki and I’m pissed of. Why in the name of Storm didn’t they nerf Rufus? And stuff like Abel’s rolls are just plain ridiculous in Street Fighter. I’ve been out tiered heavily today and I think this game just sucks. Its balance is really overrated and lately the timing is not intuitive at all to me anymore. Perhaps it’s the poor netcode affecting online play.

I’ll get back to Mahvel and own people with Dan/T-bonne/BB-Hood.

Nightly balance: -1500 BP, 5 Rogs, 7 Rufus, 3 Bisons, 1 Guile (this match up was specially annoying).

Mahvel current status: 2 wins, 0 loses, one crash.

Thank you, Capcom.


Cool story bro.


Street Fighter 6 is a horribly balanced game. I would suggest playing SSFIV.


let me say something about balance that no one will ever tell you.

what we know as “balance” is pretty illusory. we call it imbalanced if we don’t like what we have to do to win, we call it balanced when we love the game and will play it no matter what. so right now, you’re just not liking the game

edit: in games like pokemon, balance can be defined somewhat because it’s very objective there. quick Pokemon lesson, there’s separate tiers for the pokemon. UU (joke pokemon), BL (not joke but not strong), OU (good pokemon), and Uber (absolute best pokemon). Garchomp used to be in OU. he was considered overpowered because you had to completely go out of your way to neutralize Garchomp. if you didn’t, Garchomp would devour you. if you had your own Garchomp, the player who has the remaining Garchomp is the winner. because of this he was banned out of OU and made an Uber pokemon. that would be an acceptable form of balancing. making a char weaker because he’s kicking ass… is not balancing. nevermind that a lot of chars that did need help winning got it

edit2: however, that’s when it comes to those standards. when it comes to playing the game the way it’s meant to be played, what Pokemon you use doesn’t matter… so long as you win the game. that means you deal with all the overpowered bullshit and create a way to endure it, or you start using it yourself. it’s the same principle with fighters. I, too, was very impressed by Abel… not just by his roll but his entire fucking moveset. however, I could either ignore the strength of his moves and lose, or I could understand them, acknowledge them, and win

  1. They did, and without meter for a Jesus kick, he has no answer to wakeup kunai shenannigans. It’s not a cakewalk, but that’s pretty damn far from an unwillable matchup.
  2. ??? How a move that doesn’t do damage is the most rediculous thing you think of seems a little weird. But, moot point.
  3. Don’t forget to blame your arcade stick. And your console. Crappy internet service. Crappy Capcom. You’re doling out blame to anyone else, when the ONLY person responsible for your losses is you. If you lost a game, you fucked up somewhere. Maybe it was your execution. Maybe it was your knowledge of the matchup that was lacking. Maybe it was your knowledge of your character. Maybe your play was easily read by your opponent. Maybe you were defensive when you should have been offensive, or visa versa.
    I’m not here to bust your balls and say you suck. I’m actually here trying to show the flaws in your thinking so you can get better. Until you own up to those losses, you wont acknowledge what you did wrong, and wont work to fix it.

Here, I’ll try to prove it to you. When you lose with your Dan team in MvC2 to a good Matrix or cable player, do you feel bad? Nah, you don’t you did your best, got in your licks, maybe killed a character, but in the end, he’s running a top tier team and you’re fighting with low tier. Right?

Wrong. You’re in a comfortable mindset playing low tier because it’s no risk/all reward. You win because you’re a beast, and when you lose its because you’re playing a low tier team. It’s perfect ego food. Ditch that shit, and own up your losses. Go over those losses in your head, read up in the matchup threads, hell write down the move each character does on a timeline so you can better see what patterns you were throwing out, they were throwing out, and how those reactions changed over the rounds. And like Buktooth said, there is way more than just ‘execution’ being at fault. Of course your execution needs work, EVERYONE’S execution needs work, Daigo on down. The steps leading to the point where the execution would have mattered is way more important.


If you want us to help you, ask questions. I don’t mean to be overly abrasive, but if you just want to vent, please don’t confuse the Newbie Dojo with your own personal blog. This really isn’t the place for it.


2 wins does not equal to “owning”…


You don’t know frustration until you main Akuma and lose out to random mashing and wakeup ultras.


I saw that! I saw that! I saw that!


Why are you guys complaining… it’s called Street fighter… not fair fighter…

Street fighter is the cheapest, most unfair game ever.:coffee:


lol hang in there killer. practice harder, think more carefully and work on identifying YOUR faults. it’s the only aspect of any game that you can control. dang man, horse shoes is hard. gotta throw those heavy things just the right distance and hang em up on the stick just so, but ppl get good at it by thinking through loss, and practice. hang in there man, you can do it. i told my brother, when he could barely work a ps controller, that street fighter is hard and not for wusses, and that i would not teach him the secret art of the fireball motion unless he was ready to lose. a lot. after he got a bit older, he really bucked up and took his beatings, and now, he doesn’t rage, or whine, complain, grouse or vetch, he just kicks butt or dies trying. but thats pretty much what it takes to rock, constant drive and the ability to understand loss as a victory against your own failures. if the way you did it failed, that’s one more way you know that doesn’t work. loss is essential to victory.

also another thing to consider is how competitive you want to be. do you want to be world champ material, or just beat your friends. two different levels of play/dedication. i play on wii (tvc at the moment) and that has the most biased, unfair ranking system, the worst lag, and the strangest controls of any sf game out there, but i love it and i keep on truckin. again, stick with it, be patient, you can do it


Agreed. The cheaper you are the better you are.


only true till you find someone better than you, lol. :rolleyes:


After reading the first post its pretty clear the problem is Dude, not the game.

SF6 4FOR EVAR !!!111


I second what GP said.


Marvel says hi