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Well folks. AE is coming out soon, and I’m sure these forums are going to start to pick up soon. I was thinking maybe we could share our IM’s as it makes it easier to have conversations so we don’t clutter the threads with random conversations. I dunno about you guys, but I think it’s a good idea.

MSN - <- Primary
AIM - Lyphe 8BG
Yahoo - Lyphe_8bg
ICQ lol I don’t even use that any more.

Took me long enough to register…


I would suggest steam IDs, and possibly a group, for better chat rooms.

SteamID: Steam Community :: ID :: SBC Div 1 LOL

Looking for some advice on my Gen play too, if anyone wants to observe a scrub in action.


I’m still playing on PC and i don’t have any project on switching to 360 for one game only as AE coming on PC too.

I would sujest an IRC Channel @ quakenet as a share system too …

Please post if you are in favour of having a IRC chan up and running.

IRC works for me. (I recommend just making #gencommunity on the freenode network)
ICQ: 75353753 (should also be available to AIM users)
Google Talk: chris (dot) pye (at) gmail (dot) com
@cbpye on twitter
also, (yes it needs more content, and yes it needs a redesign)

you guys should check out Raptr, it shows who is playing or on in any im. be it xbox live, playstation network, xfire or steam. plus the cool thing is say a friend on my xbox live gets raptr. he will automatically be added to my raptr friend list. funny thing is i think raptr is made by the same guy who made xfire.

edit: sry forgot to add at least on xbox you see messages people send you and can even send people messages too. but to add friends it says need to get on your console.

also there is always voice chat with a teamspeak 3 sever but that might be to much.

voice chat is great but there’s not only english born speakers who play Gen , so i guess some ppl will just not join that kind of stuff :confused:

I dunno about wich IRC server US ppl generally use , in europe we use quakenet for everything relative to video games in general so teams , streams etc got their channel on it.And you just need 5 op , call the Q and it’s done… and fine some ppl to be op.

Anyway i will be there h24 :wink:

yea i was thinking of that would be a problem, but a IRC sounds really good. also raptr is great too. since even if someone not on there PlayStation or xbox. they can get the message on there computer. i also think you can get raptr on a phone too but my phone a piss of crap so i can’t test that.

oh ya I forgot about Raptr. I was a Xfire user myself.

as for IRC. I would think Quakenet is one of the most popular servers for gaming chans.

as for In gaming messaging. I was trying to think of outside of it. I know you can go to and type messages. but using IM can be easier when you are in a deep conversation about a matchup.

I like the Raptr idea, especially since we’re all on different systems.

Lemme know if something gets set up. I have a lot of shit to talk about/ask about in AE.

I’m on Raptr add me whosnkn

Deripsni on raptr.

AIM: nubigotsoul

I’m on AIM a lot :slight_smile:

registering a chan on quakenet

/join #gensrk

(#gen was taken)

I need 3 more people in here before I can request a Q bot.

If you want to register your nick with Q use this (Quakenet doesn’t use nickserv

The official website for the QuakeNet IRC network



skype: ylyon84

for anyone who doesn’t have IRC installed.

QuakeNet Web IRC (qwebirc)

Channel - gensrk

AIM: TommyTwoTime77

my msn is

I’m going to use the IRC channel, just so everybody can join in on the topics, due to the differences in chatting software. It’s a good spot for laughs and bragging too. But my MSN address in my profile (to prevent any additional spam). It’s only 1 click away.