I'm done with fighting games


Seriously what’s the point of playing fighting games anymore? I mean the online scene is truly a disgrace. You’d think the people playing online would want to win cleanly and showcase there skill, but instead they scrub you out and it just pisses you off(Talking about mainly 3rd strike here). All fighting games have done for me is make me gain 30 pounds, I used to be 6’ 150 now im 180. In all honesty fighting games have just been a distraction to how depressed I am, and I gotta make a change and find myself a girlfriend or something. Anyway im out, it was okay while it lasted lol


let’s learn vf5!

let’s learn everything!


arent you the dude who was supposed to Money Match me with venom, OP?


Good for you…now tuck your tail between your legs and head to the gym.


if youre depressed then the issue or problem isn’t fighting games. you should see a psycologist for some help and take it from there.


You made yourself gain 30 pounds


Fighting games are not the cause of you being a pathetic loser. Sorry to break it to you. Just your attitude here with you quitting at the first hardship(lol @ online scene) tells me a lot about you.

If you’re getting scrubbed out, you’re probably a scrub


LOL, like any one person can help with psychological problems. It takes a village, bro. He needs us.


Can I have your stuff?


Just say you want out of the money match. No need for this dramatic bullcrap


I should’ve known he was just calling out the idiots of the boards. Shame on me for me posting here.

xbl gt: inTheRoughest

I won’t scrub you out so long as you don’t scrub me out. Online puts everyone at a disadvantage.


He doesn’t know how to deal with your Cookie Monster emote technology.


They all say that then come back in a few months.


TC, weren’t you the same guy in the MVCO thread gloating about how you can’t wait when the scrubs pick up the game and get bodied?

Make your mind up. You claim to want people to showcase their skill, but then you want to laugh at them for getting bodied.


I’m medium rare with fighting games.

but even if you’re a fresh fish, you can still be sushi.

3s online is the jungle. Try it offline.


ranked match is the double jungle, only fun to be had is the silly uploading tags/video, see Dander for info, and try player match. It can improve connections at the very least.


Eat like a pig->FADC->Blame a video game


I see you like a challenge. Maybe you should get into fighting games.


Who was that guy anyway?

  1. Don’t ask yourself what’s the point of playing fighting games because playing any type of video game is pointless.
  2. Why would you expect anything good out of playing online? If you are going to play online, stick to playing people you know.
  3. No one is forcing you to play games. If you are putting on weight and not doing anything with your life then you brought this on yourself.
  4. Bye. If you have this type of mentality then you won’t be missed.


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you wont be missed random-ass nobody #9209234908723094023409283

just another useless peasant :coffee: