I'm done with gamestop


ok i’m done with gamestop. I’m done with ppl that work there not knowing shit about the games that they sell. i’m sure that SRK has some fun stories about Gamestop. so here’s mine. mind you i’ve had a lot of BS over the years but this was it. this was the straw that broke my back

I went in to my neighborhood gamestop and i was looking around like we all do before i went to the front to ask my question. keep in mind that while i was walking around nobody came up to me and asked if i needed help even tho there was exactly two ppl in the store, including me. so i went up to the counter and asked if they had any info on the new Lego game that’s coming out this year. Laugh all you want but i love lego games. so this is the convo.

Me: hey man, listen i wanted to know if you had any info on the release date for the new Lego game?
GS: huh? (oh yea he was on his cell) what?
ME: the new Lego game
GS: There’s no new Lego game, the last one was harry potter.
ME: yea i know but they are making one for pirates of the caribbean.
GS: no they aren’t.
ME: yea man, so i guess you have no info right.
GS: look man i’m telling you that there is no new lego game coming out.
ME: here let me show you. (i whip out my 4g phone) oh wait nevermind i just found the release date.
GS: Let me see. (after reading, he calls to the back room) Hey dude there’s a new lego game coming out! (the guy in the back doesn’t even come out but just yells “Really?”)

I just left the store shaking my head. so go ahead post some fun stories. this should be interesting.


Welcome to the club. :woot:

As I see it.


Your upset that someone didn’t hound you off the bat??

You’re crazy.


Yeah, you got to remember it’s retail store. Those who work at one, that have some game knowledge, are few and far between. I worked in the Game industry, and I know I don’t feel comfortable asking any questions lol.


Discover the amazingness of Amazon. I haven’t bought anything from gamestop ever since I started using amazon.


I worked at a gamestop and apparently the last one that cared about shit that went on in the industry. people would complain to us all the time about how other gamestops were like that. glad i found a good one…but lord that company does shit pay. you know you truly love games if your working minimum wage. who the fuck pays that these days?


Dude who cares? He’s on a phone call during a slow time (something pretty much everyone who has a cell phone and a job is guilty of) and you are arguing with him over some information that there is no urgent need for and is easily accessible to you.


This guy is making minimum wage. You think he gives a shit about getting off his phone for you? Hell, if he gets fired he can go work at McDonald’s and make more money.


I know, right?

Why in the fuck should he expect the guy to do the job which he is getting paid to do, and help him?

Some people are just the fussy type I suppose…

As I see it.


i don’t care how much he is getting paid. he chose to work at gamestop cuz i’m assuming he like games. you’re right, if he wants he could working anywhere else and most likely get paid more. have some pride in whatever you chose as a job. i don’t care if he uses a cell phone, hell everyone does. but put the shit down when you see a customer walk up to you. i mean the dude really should know know his shit.


sure took you while. lol I remember when they constantly hound people to pre order a new game. FInnialy iwas like…

Me: OH yeah I want that Phantasy Star chronicles for the GBA thats comming out

Him: Uuuh theres no such game…no really there isnt…believe me i know…fine! I’ll look it up…See! told you no such game comming out.

Me. uh…You know thats spelled with a “PH” right…?

Him: Oh you mean that old game?? yeah its comming out.


But clu is right though. hes not making enough money to care. So ive been avioding there buisness like the plague until they pay their workers enough to give a shit.


no he doesnt have to…see your assuming alot because of the store title. his only two jobs are…to be a cashier…to sell you game informer. everything else is just extra.


If I’m going to get paid minimum wage I’m going to treat my customers like minimum wage.


LOL. too good


If you want to be indignant about it sure, but I think you owe some degree of courtesy to employees of businesses you do business to. I don’t expect minimum wage employees to bend over backwards for me over some trivial request and I’m not going to fault them for taking a phone call during a slow time because I and pretty much everyone else does that too.

Who is really fussy? Me or the guy who is inspired by some non extraordinary semi bad experience at a retail store to start a thread to shit talk the company?

This right here is the problem. Do you expect Target employees to know everything about their merchandise? It’s basically the same gig. Just because you are some gamer dork doesn’t mean the guy behind the counter is too.

  1. he was probably just a holiday hire who knows jack shit about anything… if he’s not… then god help that store cuz if it was in the district im in he would have been fired on the spot…
  2. Call up Gamestop Corporate, complain about this person, Talking on their phone while on the clock can be instant termination… i know for our district it is… also try to see if he was a part timer or manager… if he was a part timer being by himself up front could also lead to instant termination for the manager…
  3. yes i work for gamestop and try to keep up with the current trend in games and game info… hell you get a lot of it from Gameinformer (for better or for worse) and on our Gamestop TV (this is mostly worse)…
  4. if i dont know the answer to a question ill flat out say “im sorry i dont know.” NOT make myself look like to total idiot… ESPECIALLY GAME RELEASES… we have instant access to any game that has been given a release date IN THE DAMN SLOW COMPUTERS in front of us… its always safer to check on a game like that before opening your mouth…
  5. … yeah Gamestop as a company sucks towards their employees since they know a lot of the people that they hire will not stay with the company long term so they REALLY dont care… they dont pay us to know if a game is bad or good… they pay us to sell a product, all the information that we know (if the employee even cares) we have to find out on our own time…

yeah ive been with the company for 6 years… started at an EB Games and stayed on after the merger… and god the more i work for the company the more i miss the days of EB… where they payed you more, cared about the quality of employee, and did its damned best to keep customers happy…


and that doesn’t bother you? what ever happened to pride in your work?


I’m not sure why so many people have horror stories about Gamestop, but I’ve always had a good experience with mine. Everytime I come in, they would greet me and asked me if I was looking for something. When I buy games, they don’t pressure me into getting a membership for some game magazines or something bullshit like that. They just asked me if I’m interested, I say no and thats it. I remember I bought some xbox games but it didn’t work for the xbox 360 because I forgot about the backwards compatible sticker. I called them and they told me just to come back in and get my money back, no problem.


that’s how it should be. i’m glad someone had a good experience.


I don’t have pride in my work. I hate my job. I’m sure the guy working at gamestop feels the same way.