Im fairly new to MvC2


and im trying to get ready for xbl arcade launch and ive been playin it in the arcades and wanted to know if i have a good team, my current team is: Wolverine, War Machine, and Storm. i was thinkin maybe instead of storm havin ryu or magneto but i figured id see if anyone has any input on my current choice.


Ryu is a character that needs support in my opinion, so don’t use him. If you wanna keep Wolverine, may I suggest switching WM with IM? Maybe Sentinel would also help?


if you wanna use low tiers you need to be pretty experienced with the game or its a very uphill battle…

using wolvie with wm or im and storm isnt bad…but it leaves you w/out a really knockout assist… if you want to use ryu… will probably need to switch out wolvie…

also… might look into using sent or cable instead of wm or im unless you have mastered the infinites and setups for them…

i hate telling you to use the high tiers but til you really learn; the game… it will make the proverbial W easier to get.