Im falling back in love with arcade joystick

I went to a sports pub and they final bought a decent arcade fighter it was CVS but still there was some ppl challenging, after playing a bit to see if my skills where good I realized that I was better, the combos that I tried the most with Ryu or ken was jumping over medium kick standing or crouching feirce punch and finished with shoryuken and every time I tried it was 100 % complet but with a controller I struggle after the standing feirce punch or the crouching FP hits to late its like Im mentaly chanlenged. I wished they had CVS 2 but hey no one cares about arcade fighters here in Montreal.

well thats kinda cool i guess

oversleeping is horrible, i’ve fallen in love with waking up early

i worked the closing shift at the bakery last night. it was 5pm - 10:30pm. however i got out early cuz the manager was cool and i worked very diligently at sweeping the floor so none of us would have to vacuum it. when i got home i smoked some weed and hung out with a few friends. i must have stayed up too late because the next morning i woke up late for work. well, i didnt actually wake up late for work, i woke up early and fell back asleep. at any rate i had to call in sick because i was so late. i wont be making that mistake tonight. i wish i had someone to help me wake up in the morning but hey no one cares about bakery workers here in huntington beach.

You fell out of love with it? D:

Welcome to the game enjoy your stay.

I am still trying to fall in love with my new stick I got.

I stopped going to the arcades years and years ago and have been a pad player for the longest of time.

Starting to get used to it and can do plenty of moves now(had lots of problems at the start)
Now I just need to get my execution speed up :slight_smile: