I'm Finally Giving Sanwa/Seimitsu a Shot

Here’s a long, boring story. I’ve always played on Happ sticks and wanted to see the world of Sanwa/Seimitsu to have a valid opinion on each. My tax return came and here’s what went down:

I bought an SE fight stick retail. I popped one of the buttons to see how the snap-ins worked and one of the snap-in nubs decided to commit suicide. GG Mad Catz. The button no longer holds firmly and swivels about in the case. I’m now convinced that snap-ins are the antichrist even if Mad Catz’s cheap buttons are just to blame.

As a result of the button breaking, I ordered a Seimitsu stick and screw-on buttons to replace it with. Gateway drug…

I also just picked up a HRAP 2 SA on eBay which was the stick I’ve wanted all along. I want to keep this as my main and add a 360 PCB to it.

This is probably a stupid question. If I end up liking the Seimitsu parts better can I move the Sanwa buttons/stick from the HRAP over to the SE stick? Are they snap-ins? Should I order some screw-ons or is that going overboard? I may end up selling the SE if I like the HRAP considerably better. It looks like a larger base which is what I would prefer. I also need the PS2 compatibility in a big way for PS2/Xbox/Dreamcast/Wii.

I know this is very rudimentary stuff. Thanks in advance for any advice.

yes you can swap the sanwa/seimitsu without problems …
they are snap ins … dont need to go for srew ons
if you habe a 360se you can dualmod it with a cthulhu MC for psx/gc/xbox/pc/ps3 compatibility

and i love big cases … the TE case is a dream compared to a FS3/EX2 case

Try the snap ins first, you can always order screw ins after. Lucky you got the HRAP 2, since it can take Seimitsu joysticks as well.

BTW, did you happen to order your HRAP 2 SA this morning? If you did, I may have been bidding against you. =(

My snap-in experience with the SE scarred me. Are the little tabs normally so fragile?

Yeah, I hope not. :wasted: It probably was if it jumped from 51 to 150 at the end. F’in eBay. I’ve been trying to get a HRAP 2 specifically for Seimitsu support. I tried to buy one from the trading forum and never got any offers.

Not to worry, the snap ins from the Sanwa/Seimitsu are higher quality so they shouldn’t be that fragile. At least you have lots of extra buttons to spare.

As for ebay, that was the one I was bidding for! I was actually looking to get the Amazon HRAP but I saw that auction and I couldn’t pass it up. Good to know it went to another SRK user at least. Probably didn’t need it as bad as you, since I will probably stick with the stock Sanwa joystick.

Nice! It probably would have been $60 if we didn’t do the little tango at the end. :rofl:

I’ll put it up on the trading forum and let you know if it’s not for me. My deal is that I live in a little nothing town and don’t have any friends who would care enough to spend money on sticks. Buying them is about the only way I’ll ever be able to play on them. I figured I could buy some and resell them if I didn’t like them as well as Happ. At least this way I won’t be as ignorant when trolling Tech Talk.

It takes a little getting used to coming from a Happ stick. I had a MAS stick before I got a SF 4 TE, but I occasionally used a Japanese stick before. If you are not used to Japanese sticks, give it some time as they are a little looser than you are used to. I can’t speak for Seimitsu buttons, but Sanwa buttons are light years better than Happ competition buttons, they are much more sensitive. But if the HRAP 2 isn’t to your liking, PM me, as I might be interested if I haven’t already purchased a HRAP 1 :wgrin:

The only problem you’ll find with screw ons is fitting them into the lower-left hand button position (short kick). Apparently the mounting plate gets in the way of the screw in, so you’ll have to mod/sand it down a bit. Sanwa/Seimitsu snap ins are 100x more durable.

Yeah, I owned a Hori stick a few years back. Granted, it didn’t have genuine parts. I somewhat know what I’m getting into after playing around with the SE on my PC for a few minutes. There was a thread where a guy said he couldn’t tell a huge difference between the stock SE parts and Sanwa. That’s why I’m thinking I’ll like Seimitsu better. I rest my fingers on the buttons thanks to Happ, and I’m not sure I can break that habit. I’m also getting a spare LS-33 spring to put in the Sanwa for comparison with the LS-32. Might as well go all out since I only have fun money like this once a year.

Yeah, it doesn’t sound too bad. I bought a couple of extra nuts after reading this. I’m glad to hear that the snap-ins don’t normally self-destruct. Thanks.

Hey man - you didn’t happen to by that HRAP2SA on ebay today for like, 112, did you? 'Cause you SNIPED THAT FROM MEH! =)

It ended at $147 so I don’t think so. I wish it was $112. The buy-it-nows are always $200+ on these. SRK may be inflating the price if we’re all fighting amongst ourselves.

lol - I checked the auction again - it ended at 147. It was at 112 when I gave up.

SO IT WAS YOU~! :arazz:

Oh wellz. ;_;

Lol. We need more collaboration on these. Someone could have gotten it for $60 and then left the next one to someone else. $150 was my limit so I’m glad it didn’t go beyond that. It’s probably dumb to pay a TE price for one of these but I wanted the PS2 compatibility.

And yeah, I admit sniping sucks. I would rather eBay extend the auction length by a few minutes every time someone bids toward the end. It would prevent my heart from beating so hard that I feel like I’m going to have a stroke. I normally only do buy-it-nows.

Depending on my tax return, I might spend $150 on a HRAP 1. Boo for joystick demand being so high.

I hear you and I’m not even playing SF IV anymore. I unlocked the characters and went straight back to HD Remix.

I paid $60 (shipped!) for a SFAC stick a couple of months ago. They keep going to for $150 and it’s annoying the hell out of me. I just wanted to pick one up for second player. I’ll probably end up selling my modded SE and buying another one of these at a stupid inflated price.