im gay

I just want to come out of the walk in closet and announce my homosexuality.

This incident happened after boning my cousin.

The only surprise here is that you think we give a fuck faggot.

Wait what?
Are you telling me that it was some type of secret or something?

I think most of us figured it out from the other 6 posts you’ve made.

lol at the off topic flag when it’s the first post and about as on topic as can be. Congratulations OP, probably everybody in GD will want to be your best friend (like, in the gay way) now.

Was havatchu always like this? Hmm, I can’t seem to remember. He wasn’t exactly a troll, but this doesn’t seem like him.

Good job idiot.

Posting this shit on a forum full of random strangers is not coming out of the closest. Telling a faggot to stop acting like this is his live journal is not homophobic. And lastly, trying to state something that you believe to be obvious is not clever. Shut the fuck up you super faggot.

Also my initial response was to post " More like homo of misogyny and homophobia, YEAH HIGH FIVE!!!"

But I found it to be redundant. Yeah nigga, Goku uses big words like that, and what.

It’s 2013, no none cares.

The super faggot here is the one taking my comment seriously. Eat a dick.

other fag out of the bag

Lol, shut up Big Sorry. Just because you are bleeding from the ass doesn’t mean you gotta act like you are on the rag.

Let it be known that this is what happens to the weak when they peruse the lounge after myself or @angryliberal tell a story.

We totally rewired his brain.

Now if he came out and said he was straight,
it would have been a better troll OP.

If we stop replying to this person, maybe it’ll go away.

The fallout was inevitable after he lost “Best New Poster” (by a country mile) to Perkins.

Though the fact that he is getting absolutely reamed in here does give new meaning to the term “Coming Out Party”, on multiple levels.

From his point of view, this thread might actually read like a gay Harlequin novel… set in prison.