Im getting SFxT Tomorrow


Hi, first of all this is mi first post on the forum :slight_smile:
Well im getting SFxT on PS3 tomorrow, so i want to know if you could help me giving me some tips, talking me about the combo sistem, giving me some basic BnB for some characters, and telling me wich characters are great to start playing.
I played a lot of SSFIVAE and UMvC3 but i think this game is very diferent.
Sorry if have bad english, I speak spanish


Ryu y Rolento es bien para nuevo personas.


For some of the more basic things (combo system, basic tips and strats), might want to start in this thread.

For character specific combos, once you’ve got a couple or a few characters in mind I’d say to drop by that character’s boardsand check out either that character’s general thread, or combo thread. :slight_smile: