Im goin to restore my laptop, will sf4 still work?


will i be able to play online still after i restore my laptop and reinstall the game? also for the save data can i copy it to a cd and then copy it back when i reinstall?


I remember the days where everyone on the internet was computer savvy … sigh

When you say restore … Are you referring to a system rollback or a fresh install? There’s a difference.

Regardless of what you choose to do to your computer, if you reinstall the game, you will be able to play it just fine.

I don’t own a SFIV on the PC so I don’t know how save data is handled, however there is a way (there always is) to back up save data.


there is a way to back up save data. its located in My Documents/Capcom/Street Fighter IV. I tried to replace the save file in there with another save file but the game gave me a error saying it couldnt read the file so good luck i guess.


just copy the capcom folder out of my documents onto something, and put it back in there when you re-install the game.

i moved mine around a couple times when playing with a few mod things, and when i got done, i put it back and it worked just fine.