I'm going to buy a Tournament Edition S Stick, comparison with other Sticks

Sooo, I’m a newbie in this forum and I ask for your help.
I’m getting a Mad Catz Tournament Stick tomorrow because the 360 pad is no good for advanced combos in Blazblue and Street Fighter 4…
My retail store sells the Super Street Fighter 4 Tournament Edition Stick, also called Tournament Edition S.

Now, my question is… Is it good compared to the other Tournament Sticks? (R1 and R2) In terms of quality are they the same?:looney:
Since I’m going to spend quite a sum I want to be sure that I’m buying something nice, and not already worse than the other TE sticks.:wasted:

Please help me… I’m sorry if my english is bad but I’m Italian…

Truth be told, the Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition “S” is probably better than the original TE versions. They’ve all got the same Sanwa parts. The TE-S is slightly lighter than the regular TE, but that’s because it’s lacking the side fins and instead is replaced by those flatter side panels. The biggest difference is that the TE-S is out of the box able to use the lockswitch on the control panel to lock the Start and Select/Back buttons so you don’t need to mod your TE to do that anymore. In case you’re going to order plexiglass from Arthong, all of his plexiglass works with the TE-S just as well as the regular TE. So if you buy the TE-S, you’ll be perfectly fine. It’s the best version of the TE stick released thus far and you won’t regret buying it.

Differences between R2 and TE-S is only cosmetic. The TE-S has slimmer side panels. Some people complain about sharper edge on TE-S due to lack of Bezel. Otherwise they are the same exact stick. Also the PCB in a TE-S is slightly changed if you do electronics modding.

I believe R1 has a higher probability of faulty PCBs.

I suggest a R2 TE or TE-S

TE-S is the perfect stick.

I own a TE:S and I have to say that I agree with the above. However, given the recent turn of events recently produced from MadCatz, I would have to say that from a modders standpoint, that perhaps the original round one and two TE’s may be slightly superior and preferred cosmetically.

GameShark Store - Arcade Sticks Parts

izzy senses that shop owners specializing in custom plexi art for the MC TE and TE:S, may soon see an increase in orders.

Thanks everyone, just another question:shy:
I’m going to buy the xbox 360 version, but since I play fighting games on both ps3 and xbox 360, can I dual mod it? Or is this mod restricted to Round 1 and Round 2 sticks?

Of course dual modding is not restricted to the Round 1, Round 2, or any stick for that matter. If it’s got a joystick and buttons, you can wire it up to however many consoles you want. Same with the TE-S. However, if you’re going to dual mod your TE-S, definitely get the Xbox 360 version because it’s significantly easier to put a PlayStation 3 PCB inside of an Xbox 360 stick than the other way around.

TE-S owner here; please be aware that depending on how you sit when playing those " sharp edges " people are mentioning can get really annoying. I’m buying a TE-R2 this time around ( woo madcatz sale ) and will probably be using it a lot more over my TE-S stick in the future.

So the sharp edges problem is serious?
Can’t I solve it using something to cover the part where I put my wrist?

No the problem is not that serious. Ive had a TE-S since they came out , brought it multiple local tourneys and casual sessions and no one’s ever been “cut” .
Having a full size plexi is the same effect.

You might get scratched if you hold it weird, that’s about it. You really shouldn’t have your whole arm on the stick anyway…

You can always sand down the 90 degree angles of the top with fine sand paper so its not sharp to the touch

lol it’s not " serious " per say, like I said, the problem really only persists if you’re at weird angles. If you’re sitting upright and playing like you should be, it’s not going to bother you.