I'm going to teach you guys the match up ( T.hawk)

Unless you are BP Amoco or Aquasilk, you need to learn this matchup. As much as you may think you do I highly doubt that… Ht me up on xbl if you want to practice this

Joe Lewis NJ

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I’ll practice but I have a local Hawk who I play. As long you’re not into the gimmicks and play the footsie matchup.
GT is bitbna

Not too sure what that means but ok

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Cool. Shoot me a FR, my xbox is broken right now but I am trying to get it repaired ASAP. When are you normally free to play?

I’m sure snakeyes and any hawks that run into him would beg to differ.

Snake Eyes yomi is something that I have not seen from a player on America on a long time, specially from a specialty character…

I would say that only… 30 percent of Geif players really know this matchup. It’s bad for Geif but it’s winnable,

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I’d say it’s like 5-5 or 6-4 Hawk. What is the consensus on the Hawk boards?

It’s split between 5-5 and 6-4 in hawks favor. Even though it’s closer to even, in my opinion, t hawk has the slight advantage.

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Yeah, it seems like it’s something around there, but I think if the Gief is patient he can go in on Hawk. I don’t know since I’ve always just played footsies in this matchup to win so I want to test another strategy out. I am looking forward to playing against a good hawk. Do you have AE for PC or should I just hit you up when my 360 is fixed?

I only have 360. I’m actual playing snakes eyes right now haha. His yomi is nutty

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