I'm gonna bite your FACE! (official blanka thread)

Blanka balls are very safe against most of the cast now imo. His bite does less damage on the 1st bite. The beast leap go over all sweeps now! I played against some good players last night and I did ok with my dog. Any helpful input is wanted. I think blanka has a chance to be top tier in this game but I’m bias! :wink:

well, not sure if this is useful, but try not to mash fierce when trying to bite your opponent, no matter if it’s after missing a light blanka ball or doing a wakeup throw… it used to work in st, but now in sthd, you’ll most probably end up doing electricity, as electricity requires less button presses, i missed a lot of chances to bite due to this… :frowning:

easier hops and electricity are winz

easy electricity vs jump-ins, i can’t abuse his hop backs for meter rape anymore though.

blanka is still the man…er beast. :stuck_out_tongue:

easy electric wins… you know what else? he has the electric recovery that O.Blanka has in regular ST, which means you can bait a sweep with it and immediately do a ball in their face. YES!

I am ass at hopping, but I think Monster is my new bff.

I don’t have to do combos, I just have to use my brain.

Blanka balls are generally safer, but you can basically never do meaty balls anymore because the shorter bounceback leaves you right in front of your opponent ripe for the hittin’, even if you hit them.

can he still do his crossup ground shave? I haven’t been able to pull it off yet.

Dude I think I had a match against you last night! Blanka mirrors feel very different from ST, with easier electricity and safer balls.

This thread should have been called “NO BLANKA! Not the HEAD BITE!!”

  • James

I played against you last night, ShinBlanka. Your Blanka is godly…

Hmm… I’ve noticed that Blanka’s anti-air is awesome against hurricane kicks and pretty much can be used like a flash kick now.

jump short into head bite all day baby…ima make people quit this game

Does anybody have any good Blanka combos? I’ve decided on maining him, but I don’t know any combos for when/if I dizzy the other person or have an opening.

well, i find jump medium kick, back medium punch (1 hit), roll does quite a bit of dmg… i usually do that when the opponent dizzies…

Walk up, throw. Seriously. Especially if you know you won’t have enough time after the dizzy to do a whole jump in combo. Love Blanka’s throw range. Gotta love dem gimmicky characters.

Some of his better jump in combos are j.HP or HK, c.MK to Blanka Ball. j.HP, close s.MP, f+MP (does a lot of damage for Blanka). c.MK, c.MK, Blanka Ball is probably his best ground combo. You can be a good bit distance away from the opponent and still get this to work since Blanka’s c.MK has great range. If you’re inside of sweep range that’s like the best range for this combo. Of course if you’re right next to them you can fire away with it too. You just have to time the c.MK’s as a link so the 2nd c.MK comes right after the first. The strongest Blanka combo I know is basically j.HP/HK, c.MK, c.MK, Blanka ball. Hit somebody with that online today and they were like “Blanka has a 4 hit combo!!!” LOL. Screw his combos…Blanka’s all about the gimmicks. That combo does like half life though.

jump rh, cr. fwd, ball is good

you can also link 2 cr. mk and thats really not hard, similar to chuns cr.mk, cr.mk

I love safe blanka ball, makes rushing with blanka mad easier than before. Also makes whiff roll into bite scarier.

If I weren’t so lazy, I’d quote myself from a previous thread where I stated that the rainbow ball will be the best upgrade in the game. :wink:

Seriously, his startup and recovery of the rainbow ball is so good that I was using it as anti-air on reaction AND for lockdown patterns. Blanka can rush down and keep constant pressure due to his recovery speed now. Too good.

He has some so many new options for tricks I had to bust out a pen and pad just to keep track of all my discoveries.

Some things I do:

[]MP or HP rainbow ball into electric or C. MK > bite (learn that spacing!)
]Jump-in HK or FP > s. MP > c. MK x 2 > LK arc ball > c. MK > bite
[*]Super for block damage > c. MK > FP ball OR c. MK > bite

New inputs for hops is crazy good because now you should be able to hop on reaction and also add it to block strings easier for free bites. And we loves them FREE bites. :wink:

I’ll post my lockdown pattern later. Time to get some coffee, I’m tired lol.


Good shit I could learn some new tricks.

rainbow roll seems pretty easy to SRk on reaction unless you’re whiffing a lk version. It’s not that fast Decoy

You are correct sir. Meaty balls get you killed for free.:shake:

Me neither.:confused::shake:

GG’s man. Maybe we will get to play again in the future.:wgrin:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BLANKA not in the faaaaaaceeeeeeee!!!:rofl::rofl::looney:

Thanks a lot man. You can get good with blanka if you attend Final Round12 next year.:wgrin: It will change your life.:wgrin::woot: GG’s man.