Im gonna do my first ever mod

the plan is to remove the original pcb from my tournament edition sticks and put in a PSone dualshock.

im done lookin for some1 to do it, cant find any1.

so far im in the process of reading up on the soldering basics and all the ground wires and all that stuff.

i’d like to get the equipment ready, so which of these solders are best for the job…

40W Soldering Iron Kit Stand Desolder Pump Solder - NEW on eBay (end time 05-Feb-11 19:57:21 GMT)

Complete Soldering Kit - Iron, Stand, Solder, Pump Etc on eBay (end time 11-Feb-11 21:21:34 GMT)

and if you can tell me what other stuff will i need or will come in handy

i read on a thread that the nut will break of from the tounament edition and it will need to be “hot glued” back on, whats the proper name for that stuff?? id like to get that incase it happens to me

please remember im not dual modding, just swapping out pcbs

will i need to get more wire or can i keep the wire already connected to the tournament edition buttons?

any other tips??

Any 15 to 40 watt Soldering Iron would work, but I would go with the first soldering iron if that is your choices, since it also offers a stand for your iron. As for a PS1 pad? PS2 pads are almost identical to PS1 and a PS2 pad should work everywhere a ps1 pad does.
You can also look into PCB kits such as the MC Cthulhu since that PCB will out put as a PS1/ PS2 (Provided you find a PS controller cord, controller extension cords would work here).

Stay away from PS2 pads; DualShock 2 pads are harder to hack. PS1 Dual shocks are the best for compatability, but a little harder to work with than a good old fashioned Playstation digital controller.

If you do a clean job, you should be able to do the mod without any additional wire. If it’s a PS3 TE, then oh yeah you should have tons. Cut the ends off of the ribbon cables, split the individual wires, remove a little bit of insulation, and solder those wires to the PSX pcb. The tricky part of this mod will be the PSX cable. The cleanest way to do it would be to remove the existing USB cord, desolder the PSX cable from the pad, run the wire end through the hole in the back the USB cable went through, and then solder it back onto the PSX pad.

If you were going to go for the ps2 pcb, be advised that ps2 dual shocks are not common ground. This will prove to be a slight problem when it comes to padhacking one.
Best choice is just to get an MCthulhu and that way you can have ps3 and ps1/2 functionality and whenever you feel like it you can add as much support as you like.
And the nut for the tournament edition doesn’t always come off, it just sometimes does…

also if you do go with a digital PS1 controller be advised that not all converters work well with them…

I didn’t mean the Sony brand PS2 pads. I meant 3rd party PS2 pads; it was what i used for my first custom joystick. I was not fully paying attention what I was writing since I was in a middle of a project as I was web browsing (waiting for a soldering iron to get to full temp). And yeah Toodles is right PSX pads are easier than PS2. Try searching for PS1 or PSX instead of PSone on internet searches

ive got a cracked damaged case psone dual shock lying around, will use that.
ps2 pads dont work with ps1 console…
my main use will be through a converter for xbox1, as i have mameox on there and my cheap ass stick (copy of the tekken 4 stick) crapped out on me a few months back

ive just done a search on 15w irons, and from the threads ive read i think i will find a 15w iron, its better suited for some1 as incompetent as myself

@ toodles, its a xbox 360 te stick, does that mean less wire length to play with?

from what ive understood so far in my research, does desoldering mean, basically, heat up the joint and pull the wire off??

Where abouts in UK are you? Also, I highly recommend you use a MC cthulhu with RJ45. If you dual mod like that then you’ll keep the original 360 functions and work for almost every other console as well.

near birmingham

im not dual modding, the stick will only have a PSone dualshock pad pcb in it…

dont wanna spend £40 on mcthulu, as the stick will, only be used on ps1, ps2, and xbox1, the ps1 dual shock has been lying around unused for years, after i stepped on it and broke r1 & r2 buttons, pcb is fine though.

  1. This is incorrect, PS2 pads works fine on PS1 systems and PS1 games. They are a pain to hack, so don’t bother. Stick with a dualshock1 or original digital pad.
  2. Yes, but you should still have plenty. The ribbons connecting the buttons to the pcb are longer on the PS3 TE because it has longer to go. If you put the actual PS1 pcb in roughly the same area the main 360 TE pcb is, everything should reach fine.
  3. That’s the idea, yes. If you have a way to connect wire to wire, you could also cut the wire and thread the end in through the hole and connect the wires together. I’m just trying to point out you need to figure out how to make the cable cleanly come out of the stick case.

Short Answer: your wrong, it does work

Long Answer:
Yes they do work with each other, both versions of the Play station game pad uses the same connectors, Pin-outs and protocols.
PS2 pad has “extra” data for the face and shoulder buttons of low and high logic giving a pseudo-analog feel to them, this does no effect their performance on PS1 machines or devices that were meant for PS2 controllers.

thanks for the replies guys.

any one got any video links of a ps1 pad being soldered??

Probably not, but slagcoin has a great soldering guide if you haven’t read it yet.

for daisy chaining, do i desolder the button wires from the pcb , and splice all the grounds together and solder onto one ground on the pcb, and do the signals individually??

if so, then wouldnt end up in one, thick chunk??

You don’t need to daisy chain anything, the distribution board does it for you. If you solder the ribbon cables to the PSX pcb, you’ll have one ground wire coming from the button distribution block, and one ground from the joystick cable.

thanks man, im still trying to get my head around all the info.

im waiting for my solder stuff to arrive from ebay, still not marked as dispatched.
if they come this week, im gonna spend my day off on sunday, practicing soldering for a few hours and then ill do the mod next week.

ill probably do the ps3 version 1st, as the wires are longer, then ill do the 360 version.
i snagged both of these rnd 1’s for £45 each shipped, from two different sellers, they must have been desperate for the cash…
once the mod is done, they’ll be sticks for life.

thanks eerybody for all your help

and apologies for wasting your time…

im a bit embarrased to say, but it was all too much for me, i didnt want to risk it with my 2 sticks, so Jutman, thats right Jutman is gonna sort it out for me, he is a premium craftsman, but will charge me a reasonable price.

thanks tech talk

Well its a sign of maturity to admit you could be over your head and it might be better to let someone else take over the modding process. Hell, I got 3 projects on hold till I figure a few things out in different areas first.