I'm gonna rant about how much I hate the government. Join in if you like!


Deficit panel’s painful budget draws challenges - Yahoo! News

First off, I think extending the tax cuts is stupid. I calculated how much I would have to pay if the tax cuts aren’t extended and mind you these are before factoring in any tax deductible expenses and whatnot. I make $38,000 a year and would have to pay an additional $426 in taxes every year. That seems like a decent chunk but really it’s less than ten dollars a week people. But mega rich would save millions. And like some others have said those tax cuts didn’t create any jobs before so I don’t see how they would really help now.

I think we should be updated on the wages of every elected official. Some would call it an invasion of privacy but I don’t see how it’s not our business since we’re footing the bill. Maybe then they would be less hasty to vote themselves a raise every possible chance they got.

Also, why aren’t taxes just a flat percentage instead of all these different loopholes and exemptions etc.? Income tax should just be a flat rate after you make above a certain amount so we’re all getting the same treatment (I don’t think people making peanuts should have to pay taxes though).

Cutting health care and SS isn’t the answer. Why not just actually investigate the people receiving benefits from the govt.? So many people are on disability, food stamps, unemployment, and who knows what else and shouldn’t really qualify for it. It’s common knowledge too and no one does anything about it. It’s not fair to take benefits from people who worked hard all their lives for them to support others who don’t want to start working and never will. It’s also BS that someone can get on unemployment for more than a year making $80 less/week than I do. In a year you should be able to get 2 part-time jobs or something and cut back your lifestyle if necessary. All the extensions we give out just encourage the problem.

Finally, before I receive any backlash, I think it’s great that unemployment and disability are there for people who really need it and aren’t abusing the system out of laziness. I hope those programs are still around if I’m ever in a bind. But I think it’s ridiculous that you can pretend your back hurts and despite all the advanced medical imaging and opinions of multiple doctors you can get on disability because you’ve been deemed unable to work by doctors that are just sick of dealing with you.

Thanks SRK. I feel better.