Im have some serious issues on wakeup



Does anyone have good advice? I can seem to stop the crossup to save my life.


No secret or shortcut. Best advice: learn how to block. Playing real matches is the way to go


with sloppy crossups, you have to late dp


dashing can work too, also focus dashing. it really depends on what you’re trying to beat. if its close or frame perfect you have to just block obviously. its 5fr for stinger so it can be safe jumped. shes not ryu but shes better than guile as far as ability to reversal xups.


Does her DP have any invincibility frames? All my wake up DPs are getting snuffed by pretty much everything.


Different invicibilities. LP is strike invincible, MP is projectile, HP is throw invincible, EX is fully invincible. Pick your options.