I'm having a problem with a BnB combo



Its this combo here from one of Trag’s old vids.

cr.:l:, cr.:m:, cr.:h:-b+:h:-:s:, sj.:m:-:m:-:h:, sj.:m:-:m:-:s:, land, jump (up/forward), air QCF+:l:+:h:

When i get to the second :s: after the two mediums, it doesnt connect, the characters feet are too high or im falling too fast. This is only happening to me with Zero. It works with all short characters except Zero. Can someone tell me what im doing wrong?

EDIT: I got it to work on Arthur (sometimes) but i still dont know what i’m doing wrong. I tried letting them fall for half a sec more but they recover and the combo drops. Either that or once again my :s: whiffs!
It works on V. Joe, and Wolverine as well, why NOT Zero?!


Haven’t tried it but as far as I remember, all Trag’s combo’s were for MvC3 (not Ultimate) and from looking at your inputs, you need to use M+H (not L+H) to aim your arrows downwards after jumping.

Give it a try. (^_^)-b


aww it wont work then? oh i forgot the L+H for the corner or yeah M+H for midscreen xD :slight_smile:


You can do waaaay more Damaging bnb’s than that one. But if you’re learning that instead of ending in M,M (forgive me i dont know how to use the icons) end in M,H then S. That will work a lot better.

You’re best bet is to learn the relaunch. It is his most damaging bnb


Just ignore the captain america/doom extensions if you dont use those chars.

It looks really difficult but if you learn how to time the H on the way down its a very easy, high damage combo.