I'm having a problem with getting counter'd



I have no problem zoning as Dhalsim until people get into the air. From there they counter any anti air I throw at them. Knees, mp, mk. Then they get in and it’s pretty much good game until I get out. How do I prevent this kind of pressure?


you probably not good at timing your anti air

and ofcourse it depends on your opponent

for example Zangief j.mk beats all dhalsim normal anti airs unless performed before zangief start the mk
also E. Honda .mp the same situation


ex up flame /thread


if no meter available ?


prey lol


adjust spacing, as a dhalsim player you have to know when its a good time to anti air and when its a good time to back out and zone them with limbs. I hate to say it but if you’re out of meter and anticipated the jump really well and you have no meter, you can lk up flame. Just slow as fuck startup

by adjusting spacing i mean backdashing out of the situation all together, IAT back, IAT forward and j.hk or mk, slide, etc. Jump mp works well as an anti air too if you have good anticipation, especially against characters with weird jumps like t hawk


The simple fact of the matter is that very few characters can’t stuff your anti air attemps with a correctly spaced jumping normal. If you don’t know the specifics of the matchups and they do, then expect yourself to be easy prey.

Case in point is bison. b.HK is only useful at a distance. From normal b.HK anti air range you would need to use b.MP instead.

Zangief can use various jumping normals at various times to counter each of your anti air options. You have to mix them up. b.HK, s.HK, j.MP, etc. This takes the situation from one in which Zangief can jump in for free to one in which he has to make a guess which puts the odds much more in your favor.


if you try medium sliding under then scoops. or light slide if theyre really close .


Be careful with this. This should be your last option and make sure it doesn’t put you into the corner.


true dat, u can try n bate them to jump in when ur cornered then thats when medium slide comes in. but its a risky ass move tho