I'm Having a Problem With My Fight Stick


Hello and I am having an issue with my fight stick and I’m hoping to find help. My specific stick is called the Real Arcade Pro.V Hayabusa for the Nintendo Switch. I just got this a couple days ago and I love this for my first stick. It works flawlessly on the intended platforms: the Switch and PC. However, I also discovered that it can be played on a PS3 but I’m not sure about the PS4 as I haven’t tried it on that system yet. It works well on the PS3 too but the problem is that it sometimes randomly inputs up-left for a short period of time. It does this about every thirty seconds or so and I want to know if anyone has found this and if it could be fixed. If you have any questions to figure out more information don’t be afraid to ask. Thank you very much in advance.


From what I gather, Switch wired sticks/controllers work on a PS3, but no Home button.

That being said, just because it’ll coincidentally work, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll work well. What I’m getting at is that you’re using it on a platform that it wasn’t intended to be used on. Weird things can happen, and it may be down to the way the controller PCB is communicating vs the way the console’s tolerance in receiving the communication.

I haven’t seen this happen yet on my end, but I haven’t used that specific Switch PCB on a PS3; I’ve used a padhacked PowerA Zelda-themed wired controller on a PS3 without any issues.


I had a feeling it was something like that. I was just hoping I wasn’t going to have to get another fight stick for a different console but it’s alright. Thank you for your help and I appreciate it.


you don’t have to get another fight stick either. If you feel comfortable opening your stick and doing light soldering work or something along those lines, you can probably replace the stock PCB in your stick with a Brook UFB. If my memory is correct, the base UFB board does provide compatibility with the Nintendo Switch, and would also meet your needs for PS3/PS4 without using the legacy mode built into the PS4 (also, if you plan on traveling to majors or even regionals, most rules won’t allow you to run a controller/stick off of legacy mode).

If you’re not comfortable doing that, there’s also a modder list that should be regularly updated at the top of the subsection.


Thanks for the info. I’ve never had a stick in the past so soldering is going to be a bit intimidating for me but I’ll definitely do work to it in the future.


You can use a Brook UFB without soldering. Most of the inputs are screw terminals. The only ones that aren’t are the PS4 touchpad and L3/R3. When it came out, you had to solder if you wanted to use them but now it comes with presoldered headers, and you can get all the needed wiring harnesses with it for a few more bucks.


the reason I mentioned soldering is because the main stick I own (Qanba Obsidian) has a UFB kit for it available via Arcadeshock, but in the description of what I was reading about it; you have to solder the USB cord to the PCB or buy a RJ-45 to USB cord.

Each stick is going to be different of course.


Wow there’s a lot I’m learning about fight sticks. Thanks man.


I remember one of the sticks I was interested in was the Qanba Drone but since I play my Switch more I got this one. Right now I’m a little afraid to take it apart but I know I’ll do some work to it one day.


If you’re fine with drilling a hole into the case, you can avoid having to solder a USB cord. Instead you can use a Neutrik USB passthrough.


Sorry, but I would like to avoid doing something like that. I’m already afraid enough to open it up. Perhaps I’ll get to that when I’m more comfortable with it.