I'm having issues with my computer

I just turned my computer on and my monitors won’t turn on?

They seem to be working fine, and the cords are all plugged in right, but my monitor just won’t turn on

If anyone had anything that could help me figure this out it would be appreciated.

Check all connections and wires throughly. If you can, try switching cables. Maybe you were using a cheap one and it crapped out of you. Or maybe if you have a pet, it chewed through one of the wire, etcs. Check everything.

In addition to different cables, try different ports on your Tv, or display. Some comps also have an older VGA or displayport connection. Try those and see if they work. Also try connecting your comp to a different display altogether and see if it works on something else.

Make sure settings are good. You have your display tuned to the right output, right?

Recently i sold a computer to someone on ebay that was in mint looking/working condition. they received it and get back to me that it won’t go on (WTF?). I’m pissed at the thought of taking a return and refund but, just when i’m ready to offer a return/refund? He/she fixes it. I forget what it was but, it just turned out to be something silly they didn’t check and the PC was working Fine after. So that might be the case in your situation too.