Im having serious problems

against hugo, he just punishes me something rotten, especially on wake up or when i am trying to meaty.

i also struggle to get in close against him so i dont seem to be able to do much.

any advice


The thing is you don’t want to get close to Hugo. Hugo really has no way of dealing damage from far away, so you use your fireballs and air fireballs to keep him away and pressure close once in awhile.

Here’s some matches to get an idea:




A missed meaty against him and you probably eat a 360 or a 720…
On his wake up, i usually dash back twice to see what’s coming and eventually punish, or just jump to avoid possible throws. On the worst case, you eat a Shootdown Backbreaker but he cannot use this all the time as it’s easily punishable if missed. Of course, don’t choose to jump if he picked SA2!

Generally, being close of Hugo is not really good for Gouki and his crappy stamina…

Like people have said, just stay away and turtle. You have to consider that while Akuma is more effective close up, Hugo is completely ineffective far away, so it makes sense to keep him away. It will take some getting used to, but its the way to go, and will diversify your game which is good. I hope you are playing arcade, because something that can make playing up close not so scary is f+mp. Remember, that move gives you throw invinciblity and does nice stun damage.

If he picks sa2, a setup Hugos like to use is parry your rh hurricanes, and midway through parrying them, activate the super, so don’t abuse them like your might be doing normally. Its also a really good stopper of demon flips, so I would be going for demon flips VERY sparingly. The only real jumping I would be doing against an sa2 hugo is to air fireball from relatively far away.

If he picks sa3, he is picking it mostly for a wakeup option, so try to bait that, or just do meaty air fb’s on wakeup.

If he picks sa1, then you are in luck, because if you have strong zoning and are abusing f+mp, you should almost never get caught by it.

Lastly, Hugo is probably the easiest character to hit with an AA sa1. Will definitely make it harder for him to get in :devil:

thanks guys, i will put that into practice over the next few days

On wakeup, jump back rh. Or time an air fireball so you don’t get 360’ed but can still continue your pressure.

the only meaty u should use are dive kick, demon flip, and air fireball

like pherai said, if u play on arcades, avoid throws even gigas, I have knocked down hugo, then i just walk forward, when he gets up, i do, if he gigas u will hit him, any throw atempt will fail if is timed correctly (not that hard)

jump straight up and fireball, if he follows your jump after yours, you should be able to throw SA1 while he is still in mid air, some times just do a vertical empty jump, just to see how he reacts… just keep away from him!

thanks guys, so as I am on xbox the f+MP wont work?

No, it’s a good meaty, but not against Hugo, specially if he chooses SA1…

Man, Pherai’s gettin’ good…

Haha, maybe. I’ve got some casuals I’m hoping to post up soon. Hopefully you’ll still think so after seeing them :looney: